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Photos: The Best Moments Of Kitenge Fashion Festival 3rd Edition

Kitenge Fashion Festival

So, Kitenge Fashion Festival happened last Saturday. Since then, there have been beautiful posts on our feeds and outrage from unsatisfied parties alike.  Here’s the thing though, nobody has taken a minute to appreciate how big of a success the event actually was. I arrived at around 10 pm and the place was packed.

I couldn’t even get a seat so I had to stand the entire time in heels mind you. Totally worth it though.

People showed up and they came dressed to impress. Wueeeh!! I thought my outfit was pretty rad until I stepped into the place only to realize I was nothing 😂. I mean, pure perfection. These Eldoret Ladies had me turning and staring every few seconds and I was living for it. The guys didn’t disappoint either. If you love fashion as much as I do, you would have been livid.

The Best Moments From Kitenge Fashion Festival 3rd Edition

There was a lot to like. I mean, the setup, done by SwagSound Events Limited, was amazing.

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There was red carpet photography.

The mcs and hosts were entertaining and funny save for Valmy who according to me didn’t bring the heat like she usually does😔. Her voice is so beautiful though so I guess I’ll give her a pass this time.

The fashion from the crowd was out of this world.

Food and booze were both available and in plenty courtesy of Zaika Lounge.

Kitenge Fashion Festival

There were beautiful people with big smiles exuding nothing but good vibes.

Kitenge Fashion Festival

There was dancing.

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Yani, it was lit lit. ( in young ma’s voice).

For me though, the best part of the event was the runway shows.  Some of the designers really outdid themselves.  As a budding designer myself, I was so elated to see how big the Eldoret Fashion Industry has grown.

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The models though, they were the shit. They brought snow to the dessert mse. Their walks were not just ordinary walks. They were full of life and a bit different from what we are used to. The male models,{ shout out to Derrick Dalmas,} even did some sort of choreographed walk. But why tell you when I can show you.

Joan from U. O. E had the most interesting walk out of all the female models. According to me anyway. It was sassy, sophisticated, confident and so full of persona. Na ku pose je!

Also impressive was Amani the child model. Kitenge Fashion FestivalHer parents, Amani Muhu and Eric Makini are the epitome of what supporting your kid’s talent truly looks like. And if their faces are anything Togo by, they are pretty pleased.

Kitenge Fashion Festival

In Other News

You can check out the winners of Kitenge Fashion Festival here. MC Nick relinquished his award to Kabaka. There’s however a bone of contention regarding the male model of the year award. Apparently kura ziliibiwa😅 (teren teren teren🥁) .

The award went to Allan Wesh but another participant by the name Casmir has brought forth screenshots that allegedly prove he was the rightful winner.  He sat down with Mc Kiptabut and the legend himuselfu Maxivan to discuss the matter. You can check out the video by Mr Kreate himself Stephen Githinji, down below.

In the video he demands to be named as the true winner and to be compensated. I don’t know how that will go. I know this for sure though, Kitenge Fashion Fest, which is the brainchild of Nick The Trend and Maxivan, was amazing and Eldoret is grateful. We might bitch here and there but pia tunatii.

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Photo credits for images used in this post go to

1.Onchangwa photography, the photography brand that won fashion photography house of the year I might add.

2. Mc Black.

3. Eldoret Leo’s inhouse photographer, George.


Stephanie Maiyo

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