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Khaligraph Responds To 7-minute Diss Track From Eldoret-Based Rapper

Ever since Khaligraph did that interview on NTV, Social Media has been abuzz with trolls, memes, accusations and counter accusations regarding the rapper’s new “chameleon tendencies”.

Khaligraph bleached

Effects of drinking clean water

Whether he looks a shade lighter on his latest Instagram photos, has too much makeup on TV interviews or is drinking clean water straight from God’s reservoir, one rapper has jumped on the opportunity to discredit the “OG” by recording a 7-minute diss track.

V the vaccine, an Eldoret-based rapper; viciously attacks Khaligraph on his “Khali Marangi” track produced by Evano of 64 HipHop. Vaccine goes ahead to smear Khaligraph’s OG status by mentioning some of the Hip Hop legends in Kenya.

 Ulizaliwa juzi now you think you are an OG

After kupoteza simu only time uliingia OB

Black Duo, Sewer, Roba, Kama na Vigetti… they are the real OG’s…

The diss track dropped less than 48 hours ago and has since been doing rounds on WhatsApp and Facebook. A lot of HipHop heads are bumping to it and sharing online. Khaligraph has been quick to respond; albeit toning it down with an appreciation comment rather than a talkback.

Khaligraph responds to Khali Marangi diss track

Khali diss responds to diss track

Khaligraph takes no offense, but rather sends positive vibes

While it seems we will not be getting a diss back from Papa Jones, Vaccine has everything to gain. He’s got his message across and also showcased his prowess in lyrism and flow including this witty line;

Hawa ma rapper convertible wako gym ndio wa drop top

Chill kiasi uone wakivaa ma crop top

Stream Khali Marangi by Vaccine below

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