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New Look 2nd Generation Mobius to retail at 1.3 Million Ksh

A few months ago we alluded to the release of the second generation Mobius dubbed The Mobius II. Well, the long wait is finally over. Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Mobius Kenya has released pictures of the second generation Mobius. And it looks great, better than the Range Rover in my view.


Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Mobius Kenya has released pictures of the second generation Mobius

This generation comes with a myriad of improvements as compared to the first generation, for one it comes with variations which was not the case on the first generation, also this time windows have been installed, unlike the first generation.

The price tag has not changed much as the vehicle will retail from as little as 1.3 Million Ksh upto 1.6 Million Ksh inclusive of VAT depending on the variation, making Mobius one of the most affordable new vehicles in Kenya.

Mobius II

Mobius II Sketch.



The Mobius II spots a rugged SUV look and ground clearance of 330mm which suggests that the vehicle is built for rough terrain that is synonymous with most Kenyan roads. As mentioned earlier the first generation Mobius did not have any windows and with good reason, this vehicle had been built predominantly for cargo. The second generation is built for both passengers and cargo which saw this vehicle make an inclusion of windows.


The second generation Mobius comes with a 1800CC petrol powered engine, 5 Speed manual transmission with 16 valves. This makes the Mobius II Fuel efficient and yet powerful. The only downside would be the lack of Four wheel drive.


The interior of the second generation has seen the most improvement. Initially, the vehicles’ interior was only the basic essentials of a car, which included a steering wheel, an odometer, and a manual transmission stick shift. On the first generation, despite the interior being quite spaci0us, it could only seat two.


The dashboard also spots an extremely clean finish

Some of the improvements the second generation comes with are; Air conditioning; It is now a 5 seater and finally has an 8” Touch Screen infotainment system equipped for GPS navigation, WiFi connectivity, multimedia, USB connection, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth 4.0 for hands-free calling. The high definition 8” touch screen display also offers seamless mirroring of any smartphone via Mirror-Link technology, maximising access to phone data and functionality.  The dashboard also spots an extremely clean finish.

The vehicle can be acquired by making an order from Mobius Kenya by first, custom making a vehicle to your preference then making a deposit of 50,000ksh.  One will have to select any additions they want to be made to the vehicle which will come at an extra cost.




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