Misik Musings: Judge Me Not!

Within two weeks, I have traversed the vast lands of Kenya. I have been to many places, seen many things beautiful and disturbing, met so many people, hostile and loveable and now I feel like an old man (white hair and all) speaking with a lot of experience, please huddle around the fire and listen to my words of wisdom, No, seriously.

Call it a sabbatical; short as it may have been, it gave me time to breathe and most times not to think at all. I have had time to do some soul searching and of course, the change of environment provided the perfect incubator for that.

We are always in a hurry to do ‘stuff’. Always on the move, the early mornings, the busy afternoons and restless nights, we always seem to want to get something done. That’s the only way bills get paid you say?

Storytime; One day I was headed out, of course, I had things to do and a place to go. I did not have much time on my hands and I was truly in a rush to get to my destination. I don’t know if it is just me but that day when you are in a rush to get somewhere or to get something done, someone or something always finds a way of causing a distraction.

That day was no different, I met not one but two friends who both seemed to have enough time on their hands. They wanted to stand and talk. Part of me wanted to cut them short and get back to my rush but the strongest part of me nudged me to stand there on the busy streets and have a long chat with them. I made two stops by the way; when I left one I met another one even before I took a turn.

I listened to the part of me that needed me to stand on the streets and have a long talk with my friends, it felt like we were sitting somewhere having a laugh over a glass of something strong.


So, I stood and listened to him/them speak. We spoke about life, how tough it was and how we should hold on, we talked more about our former classmates and how they are doing, basically we had months’ conversation in one standing. And no, we couldn’t sit and chat over coffee because that would supposedly take much time and we couldn’t let this moment slide by because once it is gone then that’s just it.


It was worth it I tell you, of course when we eventually decided to part on the promise that one of these fine days we would meet and talk in length, we both knew we would get too busy to even remember, that’s why it hasn’t happened to date. The more reason I don’t mind being uncouth and standing with an old friend on that corner on the street to catch up and talk about life.

Same way I had a conversation with a friend yesterday. I haven’t seen her since high school. Oh life truly has a way with everyone, we glow and we laugh and we smile when the cameras are on but life is tough and that is why we need to be tougher. We talked about life and we parted ways and my respect and admiration for her were 10 times more.

We agreed on one thing, ‘adulting is hard’ talk of responsibilities waiting to swallow the little hard earned money, like the little birdies waiting for mama bird to feed them with their beaks open. With every turn, there are bills to be paid and you end up just surviving NOT even living.

My dream car is a BMW X6 for now, and there is someone my age or older by one or two years and she is driving it. It is hers; her ‘hubby’ bought it for her. Her hubby is three or four times her age. You know what? I do not judge her because adulting is hard on everyone, it narrows down to the choices that we make. She took a different route that you or I may not really understand but as it stands your life is yours to live.

I know right now, like porcupines the morality police have their arms on guard ready to spike me with the facts and the talk about what is wrong being wrong. I tell you, sit with people, talk with them and then maybe you will know how to leave the judgement to God. Something else we may fail to understand is that God may use unlikely of situations to show his face unto us.

I do love God very much so, but I love him enough to understand that his love is enough for all of us. Everyone is battling devils we know not much about, theoretically if I got into the minds of people, the sellers by the roadside, the drivers of the trucks, the boda-boda riders, the passengers on transit, their thoughts may be inclined to their families, their shaky jobs, the recent interview they had, their ailing relative, their excessively demanding relationships. It would be too overwhelming to get in the minds of everyone. Too heavy the burdens they carry. Be nice, no matter who it is you are in contact with, strangers even more.

Happy Thursday and do not forget to vote for us; The Best County blog at the Blog Awards of Kenya. Let us continue to keep our light shining; ask your friends too. Thank you.


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