Have you been to Java Eldoret Branch? You Should… Here’s why

The first time I heard of Java was on Sauti Sol’s hit song, ‘Lazizi‘ and to this day for me, Java, because of that song, is the most ideal joint for coffee dates. I hope Sauti Sol made some money off that mention. But I digress.

You need to go to Java House Eldoret today. If not for the coffee, just to say you were at Java. Take a picture, share it on your platforms and let your social media cronies know what they are missing.

Java has a reputation second to none when it comes to coffee preparation and presentation. But those are not the real reasons why you should go to Java today at least not according to me.

The real reason you should go to Java House Eldoret.


Going by my estimation, the space at Java could easily fit 500 people. I could be wrong, however, the amount of floor space is huge.


A view of the outside of Java


You have the option to sit on the benches,  at the table and Chair or at the boothe.


A view of the outside of Java

The interior gives off a warm feeling, majorly because of the brick red and brown color that embellish every corner of the coffee house.

Java house Eldoret is one of the biggest in Kenya. It has over 55 employees majority of whom are from Eldoret.

Did you that Java has a play area for kids? Now you know.

Art Pieces 

Art lovers are in for a treat. The highlight for me are the art pieces that can only be described by two words


The highlight for me are the art pieces that can only be described by two words ‘Mag-nificent’

A closer view of the painting shows an activity very close to the hearts of Kenyans and more so Eldoret folk.

An artists depiction of a glorious moment for the city of champions.


Another one of the beautiful art pieces that adorn the walls of Java House Eldoret.


An artists depiction of travelers in the city 

The long and the short of it is, You must go to Java. If not for the international brand then for the international standards.

P/s Java is another name for Coffee. (For the young cats who didn’t know)

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