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How The Jameson Connects Eldoret Party Went Down Plus Photos

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Epic, exhilarating, stupendous, exuberant, & boisterous. These are the words that come to mind every time anyone asks me how the Jameson Connect Party that went down last Saturday at Sixty Four Resort was. Now, before I get down to the nitty-gritty of what went down, I felt like it was extremely important for you guys to know Kwambox, the girl whose dance video has been trending the last 3 days was our MC n she was fire. I mean just look at the video. How epic do you think our night was???

The Events That Took Place Before The Jameson Connect Party

Skimpy dresses, hearty laughter, beautiful people, dance, energy, and nothing but good vibes marked the night that saw Eldoret have the pleasure of hosting the Jameson Connect Crew. But it did not start there. Before the party kicked off,  a bunch of shawties were going around town creating awareness and giving out tickets in this cute vintage minivan. Individual tickets were going for Ksh 400 while group tickets were Ksh 1000. Redeemable of course.

Jameson brand ambassadors

Next, at around 11:00 a.m came photos of the set up followed by a video of Juacali doing Mic Check. Simple innuendos that quickly sparked interest and had us desperately looking for tickets.

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The Party Itself

I got to the event at around 9:30 I think. My boss met me at the entrance, formalities nini nini, got my wrist tag and then tukaingia. The first stop was by the cocktail bar.

Cocktail bar

Here you were given a Jameson cocktail and Jameson merchandise after handing out your ticket to the brand ambassadors at the stand who were decked out btw!!!! I’m yet to see a company that dresses their bas this fine!! I mean these girls had these green branded bomber jackets, black trousers, branded tank tops, and bling. A first in Eldoret. Most ba gigs usually require you to take off all jewelry and wear minimal makeup. Not Jameson Connect though. They had these girls looking like such badasses!  But why tell you when I can show you?

Jameson Bas

So I have a drink and a branded T-shirt in my hand, my fake Chanel handbag 😂 in the other, and my boss leads me to their table. There isn’t much going on, everybody is just chill. Still, I’m dazzled by the setting. It looks even more spectacular at night. If you’ve been to 64 resort, you know the outdoor area is divided into two; the garden area and the sort of sandy beach area. The party was in the garden bit… My eyes first land on these tables in the form of whiskey barrels which are lit up.

Tables that look like whisky barrels

The Gaming Zone At The Jameson Connect Party

The gaming zone, the foosball tent to be specific, caught my attention next. There were two gaming booths on either side of the venue.

Foosball table

I ran back to my boss and asked him if he could come and play foosball with me which he did only he gave me a proper beating. In my defense, I’ve never played the game, naonanga tu kwa TV so… Things escalated when two other people joined the game and we were forced to partner. Sema kukua mauzo😂😂.  It was too painful so I quit and left him to fight on his own and instead opted to be his cheerleader. Still, I never thought I could have so much fun being a total loser.

Two people playing foosball

Our opponents during the foosball match

Eldoret revelers also indulged in many other games including pool, football, and sjui ka ilikua PS au nini( if you played the game in the second picture down below, please let us know what it was in the comment section)

A jameson tumblr on a pool table

Gaming zone at Jameson Connect Party

Since I’m not good at sports or games and I’m not one to dwell on my weaknesses, I moved on to something I’m good at; drinking🤭😜😅. We ordered a bottle of Jamy which was going for Ksh 3500 and a mixer along with lemons and ice cubes. The bottle serve you guys!!!! It had us feeling like we were some big shots mazee.

Bottle serve

We had a round of shots kufukuza baridi and then the drinking games began. While we were at it, this beautiful, beautiful human walks on stage. She is rocking simple cornrows, a lace bodysuit, black pants which are slightly sagged and a jacket I think. She was pulling of shades at night? How many people do you know that can do that???!

 I don’t recognize her so I ask a friend who tells me she doesn’t know her either but she has some Kisii name. I’m feeling a little disappointed they didn’t bring us someone popular but that feeling quickly fades away the minute she opens her mouth to MC and I’m left in awe!!

Her energy yooohhh, her expressions, and her voice were all to die for. After hyping the crowd up she ushers a couple of people on stage to play a game called who takes the cake.


Who Takes The Cake


The game was a dancing competition, strictly limited to ku odi and the winner was to get a cake courtesy of Sky Cake House.

Eldoret has really amazing dancers. I don’t know what happened that night coz it was so painful to watch😒😔😪. Of the 7 people who went on stage, only two knew what they were doing. Kwambox actually had to ask if they were the best of the best of Eldoret because; weeeh vituko zlikua znaendelea hazikua kidogo. In my opinion, the cake should have gone to this guy


But he didn’t have a squad to back him up and no matter how loud I shouted wamnyonyez (which was the criteria used to decide which contestants remained) my screams weren’t loud enough. The cake went to the guy next to the Mzunye who was also good. A couple of guys got haircuts from the barber booth at the venue as the fun and games continued.

Deejay eXclusive entertained us to a couple of jams before the legendary Juacali took the stage.


Jua Cali’s Performance At The Jameson Connects Eldoret Party

This for me was the highlight of the night. His performance was electrifying and so much fun. We were chiming along like a bunch of idiots. Tukiambiwa tuweke mkono juu tunaweka na si moja but zote mbili🤭😅. He had us in a circle dancing, vibing, shouting ” me ni baba yao”😅.

I went ballistic when he performed Kwaheri, an all-time favorite since I was in class 6 I think. Back then when NTV’s The Beat was still The Beat. I’m a grown-ass woman now, 21 soon to 22 but I go crazy for the song every damn time.

 I went even more ballistic Sunday morning when my friend told me nmepostiwa kwa Instagram page yake🤣. I mean he hadn’t posted me specifically, he had posted a bunch of us dancing. Still, life is hard, I take my wins no matter how small😂.   I wish there had been more artists to spice up the performances but Jua Cali totally killed it.

I couldn’t possibly tell you what went on the rest of the night because I was way too busy mingling, taking photos, drinking and dancing with my friends. We left around 3:30 a.m in a wasili with my friend Vanessa and 2 of her friends, passed by Signature to buy some kuku choma and went home very happy girls💃. Suffice to say the night was pretty epic.

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Stephanie Maiyo

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  2. Great piece Steph. The sky is the limit!

  3. I feel like I was at the event 😁..you’ve taken me there literally.
    That was hella fun I can see. Good one.

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  5. Luvvy when I read your pieces, I always picture you as that mama who runs Scarlet in the bold type series.. Your pieces rooooock, I feel like I’ve been to eltret already 😂😂, keep going, trust me you’re the IT WRITER, at least kwangu I meeeeeeean😌😌

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  8. 😊😊you guys had so much fun. I feel like I was there tho, you have a way of talking someone for a ride through your articles. Big up mah

  9. how the bloody hell wasn’t i invited to this Party but still i feel like i was literally there. Great piece steph.

  10. Even though its late,,, i love this piece. Great job! I wish i i was there 😢😢

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