Today is the international day to recognize women with their significant achievements in the society and their unrivaled input in shaping up daily occurrence in this world. This world is not complete without women to steer it forward to greatness and light.

I must thank all women folk in the world for their contributions in bettering this world. They are the gatekeepers in ensuring equity and justice prevails. Women are compassionate and this attribute has enabled them to confront men to toe the line in observing what is just for everyone.

Women are the primary casualties of gender-based violence, domestic violence and all manner of the outcomes of male-dominated society and chauvinism. Women have been meted with all manner of evil including sexual harassment in their places of work. The world is mostly skewed against women and their hard work. Men in numerous ways view women as incapable and often look down upon them however deserving they are to the positions they hold in the society.

International Women's day

On the basis of meritocracy, women have come out heads high on top of male colleagues in the society. women voices will no longer be shut either are they going to be reduced to kitchen materials. Model – Laura Keziah.

On the basis of meritocracy, women have come out heads high on top of male colleagues in the society. women voices will no longer be shut either are they going to be reduced to kitchen materials.

In a nutshell, women deserve love and affection from all and sundry. Women are special in every manner in this world. they are the ones who bring life, they put up with nine months of trauma, pain, and tears to bring life and perpetuate humanity in this world. Demonizing women is the height of hypocrisy and misinformation.Women have every right which is equal and same like all human beings. There can never be a selective way how to treat people in this world. Everyone should embrace and love women and treat them with care they deserve. From our mothers, girlfriends, wives, house helps. Let’s all stand up and treat women well.

Violence, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence should be shunned. with the help of the authorities, the unnecessary barbaric rites like FGM in most of the African cultures should be abolished and perpetrators face harsh jail terms possible. Mistreatment of women is uncalled for and should cease from all spheres. For any meaningful developments in our midst, women should star because they are naturally hard working and industrious. in the bid to grow our GDP  and every manner of progressiveness in our midst we should give space to our women. They are amazing people who can easily make a difference.

In this century, women have greatly advanced and are equally competing with men on an equal platform from politics,  corporate world, and all diverse fields, women have proven to be capable of any responsibilities. They are able to perform any task assigned. Men equally should desist from a notion that they may be more superior than women. This misconception is misplaced and that is what it has always entrenched tyranny amongst men.

The governments in African countries should as well impose stiff punishments on all perpetrators of women suppression ways. There should be elaborate ways of emancipating our communities from improper ways of dealing with our lovely women. Women should never be denigrated and abused neither are they going to be at the receiving end of harassment.

Let us treat women in our midst properly and appropriately.

They deserve love from everyone and tenderness.

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