In Pictures: The Onset of Athens Eldoret Mall

Front visualization image of Athens, the upcoming mall
Athens Mall front facing area (visualization)

Even by the famously extravagant standards that malls in Eldoret are setting in the new town’s retail landscape, there is always something new to watch out for. The new upcoming Athens mall for example is decidedly aiming over the top. Describing it as just a shopping mall even, risks offending its sensibilities.

Athens Mall is a mixed-use establishment coming up in Eldoret. Perched within the confines of town, it is yet again boosting the its status.

Athens Mall envisioned as a landmark structure for the people of Eldoret is a mega establishment. A multi-million dollar project designed to embody the meaning of the word ‘The home of Champions’. A true version is the far too familiar interlocking Olympic rings that make up the mall’s logo.

Features of Athens Mall

It doesn’t end there though. The official Olympic Logo Colors theme complements its building texture, which provides a rustic timeless feel. The modern structure is of the minimal height of two stories. Moreover, large consistent arches opens up storage spaces and also along the walkways to theme the building.

As a community lifestyle center, the mall incorporates a central courtyard. The conformity that ensures that the stores are well lit hence providing for an open exhibition space.  To me, that sounds like flexibility to enable more activities such as markets, events, performances e.t.c within the mall complex. And of course, the floor space is themed around the official Olympic colors which makes it even better. Which by the way are blue, yellow, green, and red.

The front facade features restaurants, a co-working space on its topmost floor with a balcony, short-term parking for quick shoppers, and an access road to the rest of the mall. Its main entrance aisle was themed with colors around the official Olympic ones.


In the spirit of recognizing the home of champions, the interior shall feature a walk of fame on its longest isle. Stars of Olympic medalists shall adorn the floor, which this region has produced as a tribute to putting Eldoret on the global stage. Significant artifacts donated by athletes shall also be along this aisle. An example is the Shoes worn by the athletes on some of the most celebrated marathons.

Additionally, the design within the same aisle configured the smallest shopping outlets so that they can take advantage of the heavy foot traffic and convert it into sales.

Onto the first floor.  Megastores shall establish on the first-floor space. This are especially established brands that don’t need to proclaim their presence through aggressive advertising and marketing. Examples are Woolworths, Mr. Price, etc. It also included a kid’s gaming arena, a museum exhibition hall, and a food court. It’s a mall after all, right?

Furthermore, the topmost floor shall accommodate offices, including banking halls and an outpatient clinic with a service access lift for patients from the ground floor. It also features a much necessary co-working space. Part of the co-working space included a coffee bar that looks onto the courtyard void below, to break out from typical office space monotony.

Among the activities to be expected on site is ample parking as well as flexible access to the premises.

Designed to achieve the essence of experiencing life, socializing, and also working, Athens Eldoret Mall values the greater experience while maintaining efficiency and convenience.

After more than two years of concept development and design, the project is currently at the statutory approval stage ahead of its establishment. Additionally, the land for the project has been allocated and the preliminary county approvals for development acquired.

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