Tamasha Sportsbar and Grill Now The Biggest Tourist Attraction in Eldoret Hosting over 10,000 Revelers a Weekend

Tamasha Sportsbar and Grill, with over 3000 revelers a night, is the biggest tourist entertainment destination in the region

Sure you’ve been to a good bar. But have you ever been to Tamasha Eldoret Sportsbar and Grill? Because with over 3000 revelers a night, which automatically makes it the biggest tourist attraction in the region, the bar speaks volumes for itself.

Tamasha has evolved from one year to the next, always delivering with poise. Truth be told, it’s hard to think of a bar that has made as much prominence in Eldoret as it has.

“Our big strategy is early planning. For one, I can say we are done with our plan for this year. And now the plan for 2024 is underway. We do plan for each department for an entire year well and early enough.” Says Paul from Tamasha.

Amenities at Tamasha Sportsbar and Grill

It is a sanctuary for perfected cooked and prepared grilled meat that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more

The amenities? The establishment features a restaurant that is a contemporary dining venue located in the hotel’s garden. Serving a wide range of Local and International cuisine. It is a sanctuary for perfected cooked and prepared grilled meat that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more.

The bar and the lounge area features a lit dance floor, unmatched DJs, lighting, top-notch sound

Then there is the bar and lounge; arguably one of the town’s most recognizable venues. It is a place for guests looking for the finest spirits and innovative cocktails served alongside a selection of entertainment offerings. The state of art bar and lounge, with a lit dance floor, unmatched DJs, lighting, top-notch sound, and the best musical talents make it an ultimate Party venue.

Additional is the Tamasha sportsbar or otherwise ‘the mini-soccer city’ fitted with large screens and international standard pool tables. It’s not just a game, it’s an experience.

On to the Luxury AutoSpa/ car wash serving you a range of packages for different services.

Other offerings by the establishment are occasional live performers, theme nights (for each day a week) among others as well as complementary amenities such as ample parking.

Elements of success

It’s not just the amenities, however, that attracts the crowd. More closer to people’s hearts is their customer satisfaction. One that Paul describes as the most vital element in the running of the bar. It goes beyond just customer service/interactions, to a tailor-made experience.

We look at other elements of interests for customers, structure-wise. Once we realize what they are, we start incorporating them early on to ensure our customers are well taken care of.” Says, Paul.

What’s more, we are also looking at a plan that we can sustain for organizing team-building events and retreats for our team. That way we can boost performance and always keep them happy and motivated.” He continued.

It is safe to say that Tamasha has held its own against the tide of Eldoret’s ever-changing entertainment scenes well and consistently remained at the top. Something that Paul strongly attributes to proper planning.

We plan from lessons learned from stakeholders in the business. Both in Kenya and the rest of the world. That way, we are acquainted with daily occurrences that could influence us and improvements that we can make in that regard.”

And, from what I’ve gathered, other stakeholders have also come on board to support it. Some of the stakeholders are EABL, London distillers; TV and radio presenters as well as some radio stations among others.

Speaking to a reveler who traveled all the way from Kisii town to enjoy a weekend in Eldoret, “Tamasha has more than surpassed my expectations, I used to see pictures on social media but the ground is much more exciting than I expected, I will definitely visit more and more” Jackson Maranga

The entertainment industry in Eldoret has seen much growth in recent years and many more businesses associated with entertainment feel the positive effects of this growth.

With that said, Tamasha Sportsbar and Grill is here to serve happy times. So, if any entertainment lovers are looking for a wholesome adventure, look no further.

Tamasha Sportsbar and Grill is located in Eldoret. Along Eldoret-Kisumu Highway, opposite Eldoret Polytechnic.

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