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Highlands Mall: The New Mall Helping Eldoret Attain City Status

The new mall in E-Town

It seems like Zion Mall and Rupa’s mall are not the only ones going to get a piece of the retail action in Eldoret. There’s a new mall in town by the name Highlands Mall, which is located along Uganda Road, opposite the Western bus station.

Highlands Mall is an architectural masterpiece that is set to redefine how we live, shop and do business in Eldoret.

The Layout

Highlands Mall Layout

The mall has such an alluring layout as you can clearly see from the pictures above. The choice of colors, fonts, and the glass walls make me feel like I’m on a street in Beverly Hills walking past high-end designer shops, the likes of Dior and Channel.

The structure of the mall which features 4 building blocks is very unique and adds to its allure. As if it needs any more of that. I mean, look at it?!

Additionally, Highlands Mall offers scenic views and a serene ambiance. It was also designed to feature ease of access and vast parking bays which are very secure.

Furthermore, all the exits are accommodative to both kids and the disabled. If you are a business owner thinking of renting space here, the mall’s layout is something you will be grateful for.

Apart from charging relatively cheaply, the rental spaces available are abundant allowing you to design and construct your workspace as you see fit.

Stores At Highlands Mall

A couple of the stores at Highlands Mall

The mall which is set to open in about a month has partnered with quite the list of vendors.

Need groceries that are not available at your ordinary food market like kiwi fruits, broccoli and celery? Highlands Mall has got your back by featuring a Mboga na Kadhalika store.

Do you need shoes, clothes, and bags? There will be plenty of men’s and women’s clothing stores available in the mall.

Reuben’s Stake House and Mister Wok are just but two of the fine dining solutions the mall will offer the residents of Eldoret.

Also present will be a salon, one of its kind, called Tsalache Salon. Dare I forget to mention Optica East Africa, Liza Craft, Dr. Mattress, and Goodlife Pharmacy, not to forget a 20,000 square feet supermarket.

More stores are available and we can’t wait to see what retailers the mall brings on board but so far, we are ecstatic.

Highlands Mall has high proximity to Eldoret’s CBD, industrial area and a couple of E-town estates like West, West Indies, and the Gulab Lochab area.

It’s prime location is bound to attract a lot of footfall and in turn, boost Eldoret’s rapidly growing economy.

It is developments like these that make me proud to be an Eldoretian. The future of this beloved town of ours looks promising.

Final Words

And on that note,( hii ifikie our honorable Governor) Mr Mandago sir, fanya kitu. Especially with regards to accessing these beloved giants of development in our county. Rupas Mall, and Highlands Mall have placed us in the big leagues now. However, access becomes a problem. Can we get Kitongo Road tarmacked? We also saw promise of a road from Kapsoya to Rupa’s Mall can we get that done as well? This may help us get the much desired City Status.

Stephanie Maiyo

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  1. Thanks for the new update 👍

  2. Personally i didn’t know about this yet i live in Eldoret.
    Thanks for the enlightenment

  3. Thanks for the info. Great article.

  4. Eld was always meant for greatness. Lived there in the 90s and loved it

  5. let’s make Eldoret a better place bless

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