Have you been to Keno Coffee House? I Have. Here’s The Sneak Peek

There’s a new restaurant in town by  the name Keno Coffee House. You can find it on the First Floor of Sagaas Plaza, opposite MTRH cafeteria. I visited the place last Tuesday and tagged along one of my homies just so we could see if it lived up to the hype on social media. In some ways it did, in some ways it didn’t. How so?

The Ambience

We arrived at around 5. The place was packed, it actually took us a minute to find a sitting spot. The ambience though was a great motivating factor. Normally when I have trouble getting a place to sit, I usually walk out but Keno Coffee House was worth the hustle simply because of how nice the ambience is.

The lighting is great. The floors are polished and very clean. The interior decor is simple, minimalistic even but that is what gives it an air of sophistication. The walls are a cool combination of several shades of Grey and I must say, they go great with the floors. Cohesion, check☑️.

The place has several seating areas. 3 partitions actually furnished with couches and ordinary restaurant chairs.

When you walk in, there’s one on your left, a middle section, and another segment on the far right corner. It also features a balcony seating area which is where we sat at first.

Once the crowd cleared up, we moved inside coz it was freezing cold.

The Service

For such a nice place and considering it’s still new, the service is pretty shitty. I mean my boss came in about 30 minutes later after us, and we had to wait for like another 15 minutes before we got the attention of a waitress.


Thankfully we were in no hurry so we didn’t make a fuss. We were informed it was pizza Tuesday and for every pizza bought we’d get an extra one. Of course, like the freebie loving Kenyans we are, that’s what we opted for☺️??.

I also ordered coffee. I had to, it being a coffeehouse. Peppermint Mocha to be specific. Msinionange kwa izi streets mnibebe ufala, I’m low key fancy?.  My boss had an Americano. My homie aliamua ufala Ya ku nunua coffee Mia Tatu si yeye Ata fanya. Nigga loaded but Gang gang???.

The Cuisine

I’m not sure if it’s okay to call pizza and coffee cuisine. I don’t think it is coz one’s a beverage and the other oh well… I have no idea. But let’s go with cuisine coz I wanna talk about their cuisine as well.

We were served about 15 minutes later. Not too bad.  My peppermint mocha looked and tasted great.

The Americano looked like coffee Ya kujiundia kwa nyumba but who am I to judge.


The pizza though yoooh, out of this world.

It seemed a bit too cheesy at first but gaddamit it was sweet!!! The crust was thin, the toppings were sprinkled very sparingly but the way the flavors burst in your mouth, waaah.  In all of Eldoret, there’s only two places I’d recommend for pizza; Blue Lounge and The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant. Keno Coffee House officially made the cut though and now comes in second place after Blue Lounge.  It was so worth it.

I checked out their menu for future reference. It is quite extensive.  The most fascinating bit for me was the tex mex page. Najua hamjui hio ni nini?.  Basically, Tex Mex Cuisine refers to dishes that are a blend of American, Spanish and Mexican cuisine. So, Keno Coffeehouse has Tex-Mex cuisine from fajitas to burritos and even quasedillas.

They also serve fish, chicken, lamb and pork. Normal accompaniments apply so I won’t mention those. There’s plenty of both cold and hot beverages to choose from. It being a coffeehouse they serve over 15 variants of coffee. Additionally, they have 8 types gourmet burgers

and one Friday, there’s a buy one get one free offer.


It’s a nice place. The food is great. The location is also good as it’s within the CBD to some extent. They however need to improve their service or get more staff if the place is too busy.  I would totally recommend the place to anyone and I’m definitely planning on going back

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