Getting Candid With DJ Arnold: The Baddest Entertainer And One Of The Hottest DJs In E Town At The Moment

If you’ve ever attended a club or event where DJ Arnold was playing, I bet you had an amazing time. You can literally feel the energy shift when he checks in and he brings it like nobody does. Kuchamsha nayo hachamshangi. So it was such an honor to have this dancer turned DJ for a sit down.

This interview starts at Rivas Bar and Grill. My boss and I are out creating content for Kix, a new soda brand by Kenafric. We had asked Sheldon the Mixologist to invent new cocktails using the drink and we requested DJ Arnold who is there having a good time with his friends, to give us a review of the cocktails. We then just put him on the spot and ask for an interview which he agrees to. And that brings us to today’s article? Ever wanted to know what it is like being a DJ? Coming alive at night. The clubs, the hustle, the struggles, the events, the fame, the women, and all that? Scroll on as we get candid with Eldoret’s fast rising disc jokey DJ Arnold.

S: Was being a dj always the dream uki grow up ama its something you picked up along the way?

A: Well thats a very interesting question, actually growing up i wanted to be a journalist.But for me I’ve always been into listening to music and loving music, so i got drawn to it tried it, loved it and here I am

S: How long have you been a dj and what would you say sets you apart from other djs in Eldy?

A: For more than half a decade. What do I think sets me apart? I can say how passionate i get for the work I do . I also always give 100% to my clients and fans. When i see them happy I’m happy

S: Aside from you, mention 3 other djs in Eldy you have mad respect for.

A: With no order, I’d say Dj Dusmalee, Dj Aleki and Dj Burna

S: Saw you said sth about djs accepting little payment. If you were to be honest, your first paid gig, ulilipwa how much…. na sai with the experience what do you think is the least djs should be paid for a gig?

A: The first gig i ever I even remember though I remember starting with Club Timba back in 2017 as a resident and I was getting paid 25k…I have been to many gigs tv and radio interviews. I can’t really recall my first gig 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔 am sorry…..
Sahi in this economy I believe start up ya dj should be at least 10k.
My whole point was tunakuwa desperate kupata gig yet we forget to put our worth on the table. We all have bills to pay but ni tujengane kila mtu.. It would feel good to be paid for our passion and hard work than kulipwa kwa sababu inakaa we are desparate for money to fend for ourselves

S: In all of Eldoret, who has supported your craft the most… ( mentor, investor, giving you gigs)

A: Mentor is very very obvious
Dj Tibz
If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the person I am today.He taught me a lot about not only Djing but generally about life and how to survive through hardship.He also invested in me while I was with Hits Republic 254
Created many opportunities to explore…
Like 10 over 10.
HOT 96 shows
Safaricom Live and many more

Also I don’t want to forget…I call him my manager 😂😂😂😂 B-Shop Maina he really happened this year .Many thanks to him 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Lastly Mc Nick The Trend

S: How did it feel to be the chosen dj from eldy for AmapianoTour? How was it like ku meet and play alongside Kenya greats.

A: Honestly, i first want to thank my fans juu first of all, singekuwa in that stage without them, they made it happen! Secondly how was it like? It was such an honor and it felt so good sharing my skills and passion to a wider audience for sure. That’s one of my top achievements in this entertainment Industry

S: Your worst djing/ entertaining experience?

A: Being taken advantage of and getting under paid.

S:Are you doing anything to bring other entertainers up?

Yes I’m planning to start a unit of Djs
under The Baddest Entertainer LTD.
I know there are many potential talents out here I would really like to push the art out here. One thing I believe is once you are deeply passionate about something you have to fight for it and it’s gonna be a worthy struggle till you make it.

S: Which gig would you kill to play at?

A:This is Africa

S:Tell me 3 things most people don’t know about you.

A: I enjoy being indoors so much
I actually happen to be a great cook and
I love kids

S:What does the future have for DJ Arnold… What is the dream?

To be a GOAT 🐐 God willing

S: What would you change about Eldoret’s entertainment industry? How can you make it better? What do you want to be your contribution? What legacy do you wanna leave behind?

What I would really like to change is…Entertainers Payment. Some Respect should be put on art..talent pays and people out here should know their worth…

How do I plan on making it better? By giving guidance and steps one should follow while you are growing as an Entertainer.

Personally I’m already making a contribution as a Dj in this society. Like I said ealier A Dj Unit is coming soon…so through me many gonna Learn a lot….and hopefully they will get to see how they have been exploited in a very bad way.

My legacy will be out once am out of this world though i don’t know when that is gonna be. Only God Knows.

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