The Genius That Is Timmy TDat…

Truth be told I’m in awe of Timmy Tdats prowess when it comes to lyricism and every Kenyan should be too. Timmy Tdat is one of the few artists who could be said to be keeping it real and rightfully so.  His lyrical abilities and creativity are honestly out of this world. I have been a fan from the days of Welle Welle, Tunakubali, Dus Nyao and now his latest tune Haitosi.

Timmy Tdat ‘Dus Nyau’ hitmaker

Haitosi is the most notable one for me first of all because of the name, Thing is Timmy is from the Luo community and has corrupted the Swahili word Haitoshi to Haitosi as the Luos would say it.

The track and the video are very well done. The track is the kind that Timmy would slay on as it has a kick similar to Dus Nyao but faster.  The video is very high quality and the story plays out seamlessly. The only downside of this song which is limited to me only is that Wyre’s presence did not fit this song. He did not shine even a little bit and his strengths did not come out. However, if maybe V6 or Kenrazy did the collaboration their presence would have had a better impact on the song.

I have listened to the song over 10 times now and each time I listen to it I get more reasons to give it up to the guy. The word play is crazy and the witty puns on the song are hilarious, sometimes vulgar but in a good kind of way.

I have sampled some lines herewith that I found most provoking;

‘Jina Maarufu Kama Choo’

‘Una Kiss Ile ya Adele Haitosi’

‘Mi mkali ata Kibao Haitosi’

‘Uko 30 nikimbao Hautosi’

Timmy TDat Tatted

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an easy 8. It lacks the 2 points just because the message is not relate able to most people.

Timmy Tdat is a rising star and I think he’s just getting started. There is a lot more in store from where Haitosi and Dus Nyao came from.

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