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Find out why all roads are leading to Zaika Lounge

Zaika Lounge

Have you heard about Zaika Lounge? You must have, because this is the only place you get to buy three pizzas for the price of two. You think that’s a deal? Get this, the offer runs two days in a week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  But wait, there’s more.

More offers at Zaika Lounge

On a previous feature we wrote an introductory piece about Zaika Lounge. Read the piece. Now, to add onto the glam they have gone an extra mile to provide some of the best offers Eldoret has ever known.

Happy  Hour

Have you heard of a happy hour offer that runs from Noon all the way to 9 PM? I haven’t but guess what, happy hours at Zaika Lounge run from Noon to 9 PM everyday.

Some of the things you get to enjoy during the happy hour.

  • Buy 2 Cocktails, you get one free. Three for the price of two.
  • Buy 2 Draught beers, you get one free. Again,three for the price of two.
  • Third, a bucket of local beers goes for only 1000 shillings.
  • For every two shots of tequila you get one more free.

Tuesday and Wednesday Pizza

It’s true, on Tuesdays and Wednesday you buy two pizzas and you get one more free. If that’s not a deal. I don’t know what it.

Private Lounge

Whenever you want to treat the friends and/or family to a private party, away from the buzzing of the common areas, Zaika Lounge offers you just that. A private lounge at no extra cost. However, drinks are bottle service only. But that’s the only way to enjoy any private lounge.

There are three private lounges at Zaika, two for small parties and one to fit 30 people comfortably.

Season offers

For the festivities, Zaika Lounge has come up with a beautiful lunch box offer, they call it the Lunch Box Combo which goes for 575 shillings  for meat lovers and 499 shillings  for the veggie lovers.

About Zaika Lounge

Zaika Lounge

Never been? The establishment is on the 2nd floor of Rupa’s Mall.  Zaika Lounge is a swanky and hip lounge/restaurant with an extensive menu that includes Indian, Italian, Chinese, Local, and Continental cuisines. Doors open between 11 am and Midnight weekdays and 1100 and 0200 on weekends.  See the video below for a sneak preview. 

Zaika Lounge on the 2nd floor at Rupa’s Mall Eldoret

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