marriage certificate online in Kenya

In Kenya accessing government services is the ultimate hustle. Digitizing these services to make it just a little easier is a much-needed relief. The recent addition is the marriage certificate online acquisition in Kenya through the E-citizen platform. It is one of the many ways digital media is making lives easier.

E-citizen is the official digitalized Kenyan platform in Kenya. It allows citizens, residents, and visitors to access and pay for government services online. In addition, one can access these services and be able to pay for services using payment methods of their choice at any time through the platform.

E-citizen ensures timely service delivery while also increasing revenue collection by minimizing the cost of collection. Currently, Kenyans can access over 5000 government services on the platform. Some of these services include marriage services.

Consequently, the marriage act (2014)in Kenya recognizes five systems of marriage. First, is civil marriages; Christian marriages; Hindu marriages; Customary marriages, and also Islamic marriages.

Also, marriage services fall under five categories. They are: registration of marriage, certificate of no impediment to marriage, application of a certified copy and issuance of marriage books.

In mid-July 2020 the office of the attorney general passed a new system. The system enabled Kenyans to seek marriage services online. This was during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenyans did not need to visit the marriage registry offices to register their marriage. However, it was required for one to visit the office after one had successfully finished the online process.

Acquiring marriage certificate online in Kenya

The E-citizen platform just got better after immigration and citizen services nominee Prof Julius Bitok announced the passing of the vote to allow Kenyans to access their marriage certificates online. One can access the certificate after registering the mutual consent of both parties either on the phone or any other electronic gadget.

To apply for marriage certificate online in Kenya one needs to complete an online application, go for interviews and get the marriage certificate online. These services can be easily accessed as one needs only an internet connection and a smartphone. The government has stated plans in motion to increase the number of services on the E-citizen portal around June or July.

Writer – :Diana Mwei

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