models walk the run way during the 5th edition of Kitenge fashion festival and Gala awards
Kitenge fashion festival and Gala Awards is an event meant to appreciate the beauty and the versatility of the African fabric (Kitenge, Ankara, Maasai shuka, Kiondoo)

Kitenge Fashion Festival and Gala Awards

You know it’s a revolution when it keeps creating a buzz every time it is around the corner. Kitenge Fashion Festival and Gala Awards for one is upon us yet again. The event is proof enough that with  African fabric there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration.

Now in its 6th edition, the Kitenge fashion festival and Gala Awards is an event meant to appreciate the beauty and the versatility of the African fabric (Kitenge, Ankara, Maasai shuka, Kiondoo). It also acts as a launchpad in providing a platform for creatives and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to showcase their art.

The event is made up of; A kitenge market, during the day. Where entrepreneurs dealing with African fabric/products exhibit their products and services, sell, and network. The kitenge market is free for everyone, so plan to attend and let’s appreciate our art-prenuers.

The main part of the event then starts from the evening into the night. It consists of a fashion show, where designers showcase their skills through the best of the best runway models. Followed by an awarding ceremony for personalities in the different categories related to fashion and beauty around Eldoret.

The event is not short on style and entertainment

Even more interesting, is how the event is not short on style and entertainment. The elegant atmosphere of the evening is often complemented by the dashing audience who show up and show off in their exceptionally choreographed fits made of African fabric prints looking all glammed up. To a night of electric performances, from Uasin Gishu’s best of the best entertainers, together with amazing MCs, Guest DJs as well as Guest artists who will be gracing the event.

Kitenge Fest, 6th Edition

Themed “Promoting and Empowering MSMEs in the spirit of BUY KENYA, BUILD KENYA”, the event will take place on the 8th of April, 2023. At Rupa’s mall grounds. To be part of this, get Advance tickets by dialing *453*66# Or visit www.madfun.com. Ticket pricing is as follows: Regular- Ksh. 1000; VIP- Ksh. 2000; Group of 4- Ksh. 3200.

More than just a fashion showcase, from the theme, this year’s event is set to bring together an audience of buyers, Investors, and local fashion advocates to Eldoret town.

 “From our theme this year, we are encouraging young people to venture into business and open SMEs. Hopefully from this, and through the county government support, we will at least be able to pay for fifty licenses for young people from Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. These are businesses dealing in designs, clothes, bags… We have people who are coming up with some African attires.” Says one of the event directors, Nicholas Karanja (Mc Nick).

Mc Nick The Trend

The other directors are Nelson Biama(known as Maxivan) and Nebert Shiveka.

Making of the kitenge fashion festival 2023

With just a few weeks to the event, organizers are about to wrap up the auditions following the release of the shortlisted models- Round 1, who will potentially walk the runway on the 8th of April. The models to grace the event are highly recognized award-winning models, picked from all over the country.

According to one of the directors of the festival MC Nick, Upon the final shortlist, unlike the previous editions, the models will attend a week-long boot camp for training.

So, the models this year will go for a boot camp. The boot camp will happen from Monday 3rd April to Friday 7th April in culmination to the main event on the 8th. They will undergo a training course, for the fashion show. They’ll also train for the dance (a routine opening dance at the event). Additionally, there will be coaching from some of the best trainers who have experience in the different Industries on life issues related to what they do as well as the financial aspects of it.” Said MC Nick.

kids’ models will grace the event as well

He added that kids’ models will grace the event as well. Probably just a bit earlier from about 6 to 7 pm. Where they will showcase different attires. The kids’ models will also be trained on the runway; and also be nurtured in terms of talents such as photography, fashion, etc.

Soon to expect, is a media launch. As the tradition of the Kitenge Fest, it is usually done about a month before the event. Where the organizers unveil the models,  partners, and sponsors, as well as the plan and the theme for the year. Then the publicity kick starts.

From there, rehearsals take center stage. About two days before the event is when everything is set up according to the floor plan in readiness for the actual event.

To Be Part

The directors and the Kitenge fest team, are welcoming everyone to come and support this noble course. Through this, talents will be showcased and rewarded, SMEs promoted as well as Eldoret built and having fun while at it.

They are also calling upon partners and sponsors to come on board to make the 6th edition successful.

“ We ask for support. Sponsors and partners are highly welcome to come on board and support this beautiful course. We are determined to do these editions until we get global. I believe one day one time, we’ll be talking about the Africa Edition, Europe Edition, and more. Just promoting the African fabric to the world.” Concluded MC Nick.

You can get your ticket today, for way less than It’ll be at the gate.

Dial *453*66# Or go to www.madfun.com. Ticket pricing is as follows: Regular- Ksh. 1000; VIP- Ksh. 2000; Group of 4- Ksh. 3200. 

Now, get that African fit ready, and see you there!

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