Eldoretleo Listings: Exclusive 3 Bedroom Apartments to Let

3 Bedroom

Oasis Court

Twin Towers Properties Limited is putting up a new piece of real estate for occupation. These are exclusive 3 bedroom apartments located adjacent to Fountain Healthcare, 200 meters away from Rupa’s Mall.

This property is 5 minutes away from the CBD and enjoys proximity to many social amenities such as schools, shopping mall, religious centers, hospitals etc

The apartments feature spacious rooms with large windows that allow a lot of natural light and ventilation. The kitchen is fitted with beautiful cabinets and modern finishing, the kitchen also contains a laundry room.

Other features:

Due to the serene nature and tranquility of the area, the 20 apartment complex is referred to as the Oasis Court.  

The apartments are going for 40,000 shillings per month.

For more information contact, Twin Towers Properties Limited on 0706235001

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