In Eldoret Looking For The Perfect Burger? Try Yagos Burger

Yagos Burger

There’s something so fulfilling about eating a good burger. The taste of the juicy, flavorful patty cushioned in the lovely embrace of crunchy veggies, zingy sauces, and soft buns. Better yet, if there is some cheese slowly dripping down the patty. It tastes like perfection. There are plenty of burger joints in Eldoret, fancy ones like Big Square and affordable ones like Eldo Grill. Still, none surpasses Yagos Burger and Chicken. Happy to announce our quest for the perfect burger is over. Yagos burgers, are it❗

A Dollar, A Dream, And Some Mad Cooking Skills

That is what Mike, the owner of Yagos Burger and Chicken, had when he started making burgers from home and doing deliveries in March last year. Now, he has managed to open up a joint at Kim’s Plaza, first floor, directly opposite Kijiji Pictures Studio. He hopes to one day turn his business into a big successful franchise like KFC. A dream I hope he realizes sooner rather than later because his burgers are magic, and he shouldn’t deny the world such perfection.

He realized he had a knack for cooking way back. He fondly retells a story of how his cooking skills helped him join the winning team despite his team having lost during a scouting expedition while he was in primary school.

All this is happening while he is cooking a burger for me and my amazing colleague Cynthia. Yagos Burger and Chicken restaurant feature an open kitchen, and Mike usually invites his clients to see how their burgers are being made. A process that takes 10 to 15 minutes. As the patty cooks, he makes us fries and chops up an onion, capsicum, and lettuce. He also toasts the buns, which he tells me is to give the burger a crunchy feel.

Watch this video to get to know Mike and to see his burger cooking process

Reviewing Yagos Burger and Fries

Soon after, we sit for sampling, and Mike serves up this amazing-looking burger with a side of mini fries and some special sauce. Before I even talk about the burger, I just want to say the fries are nothing like any fries I’ve eaten before. I used to think KFC fries were the hallmark of perfection, but they have nothing on Yagos Fries. It must have something to do with the seasoning he pours on them after cooking.

He informs both the seasoning used on the fries and the sauce are his original creations. Brilliant young chef this one.

Everything about the burger he served was amazing.

The sesame buns were toasted but still soft. Not too thick which I liked.

The patty was grilled to perfection. It was also thick. As thick as the buns. Very tender, very juicy, and seasoned. The flavors infused are lovely and just burst in your mouth.

The vegetables look and taste fresh, and the sauces he smears on the patty are so delicious.

Writing about it and recollecting how it tasted makes me feel like I want one right now. If you are a burger fanatic, you have to try Yagos Burgers.

The place is open from 9 am to 7 pm except for Sunday when it is opened at noon and closed by 6 pm. If you can’t make it to town, Mike can bring the burgers to you. He does deliveries all over town, going as far as Langas, Kimumu, Annex, you name it. Delivery fees are like normal boda rates.

Yagos Burger & Chicken Menu And Prices

Besides making exceptional burgers, Yagos Burger and Chicken offers clients some of the best prices in town. A regular burger goes for Ksh 200, while a cheeseburger goes for Ksh 250. The most expensive burger, the combo burger with cheese, ham, and bacon added, go for Ksh 410.

To know other items on his menu and how much they cost, view the menu card below.

Mike tells me he plans on adding more items on the menu including chicken, ice cream, and milkshakes.

Drop by or order delivery, and follow them on Instagram. If you do try Mike’s burgers, take a picture and tag us @eldoretleo or drop a comment down below regarding your experience.

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