Life In Eldoret Since The Launch of Taxi-Hailing Apps

Driver of one of the best taxi-hailing apps in Eldoret, Wasili
Wasili, one of the most popular taxi-hailing apps in Eldoret

How I envy people who just moved to Eldoret. You have no idea how we had it rough. Throwing it back to 2015 when I was a fresher, broke but very much committed to the Eldoret nightlife, taxi-hailing apps were nowhere to be seen. Tulipitia nani!!!

My best friend and I used to party till 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. Not that we had drinks to last us that long but taking an ordinary cab was way too costly. More costly than a round of shisha at Inferno( it was the s***t that time). Don’t judge, druggies always have their priorities mixed up. So at 5:30 we’d stumble out of the club, holding each other by the arm and walk all the way to the chep matatu stage. On the way, glaring eyes and remarks from those just opening their shops or heading to work would meet us.

You no longer have to be trapped in the club so you can catch a matatu in the morning. App-based commute offer cheaper rides home in the palm of your hands

Kids of today are so lucky smh?. So is everyone else really. If you need to move from one place to another fast and in style, all you need do is take out your phone and order a cab that costs so little; then they sit back and wait for your ride. The App-based commute has made life so much simpler and convenient. How?

Taxi-Hailing Apps Have Made Commute Cheaper

Life in Eldoret since the launch of the app-based commute is blissful. Not so much for ordinary cab guys who used to con the life out of us. Karma is a bitch?.

Commuting is way cheaper for the residents of Eldoret. Wasili is the cheapest of the 4 app-based taxi service providers in E-Town – based on our experience with all service providers. A ride from town to the Airport at this time of the morning costs roughly Ksh 538 for 3 passengers and Ksh 721 for 4.

A ride to Maili nne or Kapsoya costs between  Ksh150 and Ksh 250. Nyota Ride, Smart Cabs and Go Teksi are a bit more expensive, but they still cost less than taking an ordinary cab.

Commute Is Safer and Available 24/7

Hail a taxi anytime anywhere in Eldoret

Aside from saving us some coin, we can now move up and about whenever we want; thanks to taxi-hailing apps. Cab guys are available during certain hours. The app-based commute is available 24/7. Additionally, it has made commute so much safer.  

Last but not least, the app-based commute has elevated the town. Nairobians have nothing on us now with their Uber Chap Chap and Taxify. The app-based commute has brought about an air of sophistication for the residents of Eldoret and for that we are very much grateful.

| Written by Dreamchaser

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