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#THURSDAY MUSINGS: Rise Above Stunted Growth

Challenge Brings Change

Eldoret is a busy town, Hardly. But the past few weeks have been characterized by a series of events, youth empowerment in the air. I mean it’s not such a bad thing. From my observation, Eldoret is slowly warming up into the hearts of investors, artists, companies and even great annual events. Eldoret is the next big thing, well that is if it isn’t already.

Blaze Summit Eldoret Edition

Blaze Summit at Eldoret Sports Club was jam packed (Photo Credits: 64 HipHop)

First came Blaze, which was held at Eldoret Sports Club. The event entailed everything motivational and fun. It had mentors and fun activities from gaming to performances. The campaigns going on about Blaze are crazy! They make you want to be a blazer so bad. Anyway, let’s not divulge much into details, for more check Press and Posters.

Then there was one which I made an assumption that its turnout will be low, considering it was a 1 day event on Digital Literacy Training. An Event organized by SOEN Technologies in collaboration with Google and Uasin Gishu Government (ICT Ministry). To my utter shock, however, the turn-out was fantastic, And I learnt so so much. For just a one-day event My expectations were exceeded. These are the kind of events I advocate Young people to attend; It’s not all ‘Rusha Mikono ‘ kind of events all the time.

Eldoret Youth at the Blaze Summit

Kama zimeshika rusha mikono kwenye hewa (Photo Credits: 64 HipHop)

But then again, I’ve been asking myself, for how Long will I get empowered? Seriously, though, For How Long Will I keep searching for ‘Motivation’ to take my hustle to the next step? For how long? This is a question we all should ask ourselves.

These events are amazing, No Lie, they awesome, when they come to a conclusion you feel like You can walk on water, feel Invincible, you feel like Superman. You leave that place feeling like the next day you’ll be flying your Private jet, Na sio Kuchochwa’. No, it’s not that. In these events Your mind is jogged and stimulated to think, you are empowered with Skills you will definitely need in your hustle and Those Who Move on from the event, reap the sweetest fruits.

But sometimes, that’s just about it, another good event is done, with its lessons at Heart, but that’s as far as it goes, It’s so sad, really.Dream Big

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I think It is about time we talk Less, Think More and act. That’s it! Just Act On Your thoughts, put them Down on paper Then Implement them. It’s not easy, I’m there so I really Know What I am talking about, it will never be easy, but ain’t that stopping nobody from taking risks, it shouldn’t stop you either.

For us who enjoy the finest things in Life, we ought to realize that those ‘guilty pleasures’ won’t Walk themselves up to our doorstep, we have to work for them. Smartly need I add.

Finally, let me say That if you need to Succeed, you need God. God should be Your motivating factor because you know what? When You are down, and alone, he will be there with you, he will lift you up, hold your hand and walk you to green pastures because he has an amazing purpose for you. It’s in The Holy Book (Bible) That he knew your name even before you were formed in your Mother’s womb. So Trust God, search him first and all these other things shall be added unto You.

Kapish?? Good.

All The Best, Shoot for the stars Darling(s).



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  1. Awesome good thing to know we growing and we can grow more when we use the ideas in our minds into actions by working on them

    • True. Prince.
      We have to listen to our hearts more and follow our passions more despite the challenges threatening to disarm and sway us.

      Thanks for taking your time to respond. 🙂

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