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Eldoret Based Photographers To Watch Out For In 2017

First off, considering the amount of backlash I got the last time I commended Eldoret-based creatives (Djs), I decide to take a more politically correct approach to this piece. ‘Eldoret Based Photographers to watch out for in 2017’  Not to be confused with the ‘Best Photographers In Eldoret.’

Rebuttals are welcomed bloggers, provide links in the comment section.

A photo of an elderly homeless man captured by Star Chase

Glad to have gotten that out of the way.

Now, Eldoret is a boiling point of talent as we have mentioned countless times but it does not get its due regard for reasons unknown to me. Photography is one of the fields that has seen a massive influx of potentials due to the social media craze, (Instagram et al.) this is true in Eldoret as well. Many talented photographers have shown their abilities. We feel that it is important to acknowledge their presence and the work they do. Heaven knows that photography is not an easy fit, but someone has to do it.

Naomi Samantha

Naomi Samantha is a promising photographer, and her work speaks for itself. And if her first IG post on 2017 is to go by then she is definitely set for greatness.

Strengths – Creative, Studio, Commercial & Events


Naomi Samantha’s first IG post, 2017. Fireworks at Eldoret Sports Club

IG – _naomisamantha

Brian Kigen

Brian Kigen is one of the seasoned photographers we have in Eldoret. BK are the initials that you will spot in all his works. Brian Kigen has mastered almost all fields in photography and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to photography. He is undoubtedly one of the best photographers we have in town.

A self-proclaimed petrol head, Brian Kigen is passionate in automobile photography

Strengths – Creative, Events , Commercial & Portrait

His works are available on both Facebook (Brian Kigen) and Instagram (brian_kigen)

Kim Photography

Kim Photography is the ‘Trend Setter’ when it comes to photography in Eldoret. The level of professionalism they employ in their work is immense, to say the least. I have seen Kim from the days he used to freelance to basing himself in one location and now two fiscal addresses. A true testament of what consistency, dedication and hard work can do.


Kim Photography is a true testament of what consistency, dedication and hard work can do.

Kim Photography was rightfully acknowledged last year as the most professional company to work with at the Vibe City Awards 2016. The sky is the limit for this guy.

Strengths – Creative, Commercial, Events & Studio

IG – kimphotographyke

Lux Media Ke

Lux Media are the go-to guys for portraits, not to water down their abilities in other areas but if I want a portrait, Lux Media will get the job. They have a certain pedigree in how they do their imaging that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  They have set a very high standard of portrait photography.

We at Lux work to shoot moments that will make the client extatic whenever they view the image years to come – Lux Media Ke

Strengths – Portraits

I think that emotional content is an image’s most important element, regardless of the photographic technique. Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to draw a reaction from viewers, or remain in their hearts. We at Lux work to shoot moments that will make the client extatic whenever they view the image years to come – Lux Media Ke

IG – luxmediake


I’m very interested in what Allan Nyima aka Twinflix has in store this year. Allan is one creative that will never run out of ideas when it comes to photography. He possesses skills in events photography, portrait photography and post processing as well making him the all rounded photographer you need. He is also a B-Boy of Chinese origin.

Strengths – All-rounder

We can talk about all the lenses and cameras. But a photogrpahers major product is his creativity – Allan Nyima

IG – Allan Nyima Official

Kwame Photography

Kwame is another Portrait guru, he also dabbles in events and does a good job at it. Currently, on his last semester at Baraton University, Kwame says it’s only a matter of time until he releases his full potential.

Strengths – Portraits & Events

I don’t know what to say, bro, only that I aim to please. To please my clients and everyone who sees my work and most importantly to please God. – Kwame

I aim to please. To please my clients and everyone who sees my work and most importantly to please God. – Kwame

 IG – martin_kwame

Star Chase

Star Chase is easily a favorite off the troop. You know talent when you see what Biwott Patrick aka Star Chase is doing. Interesting to learn about the struggle and luck that went into getting his first DSLR. Also, interesting, Biwott does photography purely out of passion. We have featured some of his work in the past and are eagerly waiting to see what he comes up with this year.

A Star Chase Masterpiece

Strengths – Creative & Portraits

Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a Nikon Owner – StarChase

IG – star_chase

Other Photographers you should know about

 Robert Kb

This guy is probably the best iPhone photographer I know, he is a master of macro photography. Check out more of his work on

No DSLR needed. Robert captures perfect photos through his iPhone

IG – kichwabig

Ben Omwaka

You like sunsets, Ben Omwaka captures sunsets. Photography enthusiasts probably know about him. That said, Ben Omwaka is a name you will come to know about in the near future, he is a passionate soul and photography is life for this cat. Check out some of his works

Ben Omwaka is a wanderlust photographer whose work has been featured on Safaricom This is my Kenya campaign.

Subscribe to his page on www.benomwaka.com for amazing pictures.

IG – benstake

Photography is not an easy venture. As a trained photographer, I know that all too well.  For professional photographers, getting a DSLR will cost an arm and a leg, then takes a whole lot of hours and constant practice to master a DSLR. Post processing is another jungle on its own. Those who are willing to pay the price will reap sweet fruits.

Use the IG handles to get in touch with the photographers.

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