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What Eldoret Offers This Valentine’s Day

I’m not even going to sugar coat it, Valentine’s day is not the best time of the year for me. The main reason is the pressure to be spontaneous every year. I have to get flowers, get an excellent gift and it has to be better than last years’. Plan an amazing evening, again better than last years’.  And it’s not like a birthday where you know there is pay back for a crappy gift. There is simply a lot of expectation on Valentines day for a man to come through harder than he did the previous year (no pun intended) This means coming up with a wonderful itinerary filled with unforgettable cheer and merriment which is not one of my strong suits. I’m sure there are ladies that take it upon themselves to make their men feel special. (Where are you?)

That said, there are men who share my sentiments and for that reason I decided to compile this list that I made as I did my own valentine’s day plan. These hangouts should bring that bit of spontaneity to your valentine’s day. Herewith are the few leads to places that will offer one of the best valentine experiences in Eldoret Town.

Bakers Point; Be My Valentine. 

For the ones that prefer the daylight for a romantic date . Bakers Point will be having a Valentines special treat from the 12th to the 15th Feb dubbed ‘Be my valentine” it will set you back 1500 shillings but it’s worth every penny. The menu will feature,

  • ½ KG Red Velvet/Chocolate Velvet
  • Romantic Straw-berry Juice
  • 3 Pieces of Ferrero Rocher and a Rose Flower.

Visit Bakers Point at Zion Mall Ground Floor or make an order by calling 0723577000 or 0737515252

Be my Valentines Bakers Point


Starbucks Hotel and Restaurant

Starbucks will also be having a special Dinner Buffet for a couple that will cost 3000 shillings, inclusive of a bottle of wine. Dinner buffet for singles will cost 1000 shillings. I don’t understand the idea behind the singles dinner buffet since Valentines is meant for a couple.


Dinner Buffet for a couple will cost 3000 shillings

Boma Inn, Eldoret

If you prefer a candle lit Dinner. Boma Inn is also hosting a special night for Valentines, Dinner will be charged at 5000 shillings per couple and if you wish to stay over, rooms will cost 9900 shillings.


Rooms will be going for only 9,900 shillings


To make reservations Call 0719025000

24 Club & Resort; The Valentine Affair 

If you want to slow dance the night away on Valentine’s day then 24 Club and Resort is the place to be. The club is offering great music, a romantic ambiance with complimentary wine and flower for each lady. For more information or bookings, please contact Kabaka, the entertainment manager on 0729845290

Club Timba,

For the uber romantics, Club Timba in association with DJ Tibz of the Hits Republic will be having a special All Black Valentines Karaoke night where you will get a chance to serenade your lover with sweet tunes. Entry is absolutely free.


64 Resort and Sporting club

This one struck a chord for me especially because of the BBQ,. There will be a Valentines Gala Night at the 64 Resort where a Four Course Dinner with free wine will be served at 2500 shillings per couple and or a BBQ platter at 1500 shillings per couple.



Valentines Gala Night


To make reservations at 64 Resort please call 0722514155 or 073474000. There you go, some of the Valentine specials Eldoret has to offer.

Eldoretleo wishes you and yours a fruitful Valentine’s day.

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