Eldoret Ladies Have You Taken Your Man On A Date Yet? Here Are Ideas

September is the designated take a man on a date month. Eldoret Ladies have you? I paid my dues last Tuesday but before I get into that allow me to enlighten you on the origin of this month-long “holiday”. Apparently it was started by a singles group from the LDS Church, a Mormon Church no less! A bit ironic that Mormons sparked the latest dating trend right? Oh well, according to Mormon theology, everyone is empowered to do good to others, and to have good done unto them. It is some sort of 21st century covenant of caring. So if men take ladies out on dates then it’s only fair women return the favor.


Peoples Reactions To The Holiday

There were a lot of mixed reactions on the holiday.

Some asked for higher girlfriend allowance during the month and others said they’d rather be caught dead. Personally, I had no problem with it. Probably because I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in spoiling my man senseless. Anyhu, now that we all know about the holiday ( yawns with boredom?) , let’s move on to the more interesting bit. Ideas of places you can take your man.

Rupa’s Mall Cinemas

You’d be surprised how many people have never been to the movies. It’s a really fascinating experience. The screen at Rupa’s Mall Cinemas is humongous and the true definition of HD. The seats are so comfy and don’t even get me started on their sound system. Rumor has it its the second best in the country. Then the setting, I mean, it’s such a vibe!!!You are walking on a red carpet leading to an extremely dark room. I literally had to use my phone’s flash light to find my way last time I was there. Perfect environment to enjoy a blockbuster movie your man is into and make out  just like in the movies?.


And get this, if you go to cinemas on Monday or Tuesday, you get to enjoy free treats. You can choose between a hot dog or snickers, a soda or water, and popcorn. All at Ksh 600 only.  If you’ve got student IDs, you can watch and enjoy treats at Ksh 400 on Thursday. There are 4 shows aired daily starting from 11:00 a. m upto 8:30 p.m . Go for the late night show. More romantic haha. You can check the schedule on Instagram or by visiting their website.

The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant

There are two of these. One in Saito and one in Rupa’s Mall. Both are excellent choices really but I feel the Rupa one is more of a vibe. This is one of the places I chose to spend my hard earned money on my niggz.  The idea was actually to go to Cinema’s and watch Hobbs and Shaw. He’s obsessed with cars and speed. After which we were to proceed to The Well for dinner and drinks.  We unfortunately were late so we skipped the movie and went straight to wining and dining.

He’s not from Eldoret so he’d never been to The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant which is hands down one of my favorite places in town. So I was happy to break his virginity pertaining to the matter. We walked in and the Good Music Duo which is one of Eldoret’s finest live bands was playing. They were playing the reggae song crucial by Nasio Fontaine.

The place was packed. As we were looking for somewhere to sit, the band moved on to playing August Town by Duane Stephenson in the background. I love reggae. I literally felt like I was in a movie and the music felt like a background song as we climbed up the wooden staircase. We weren’t even seated yet we were having such a good time.

We decided to go back downstairs where all the action was plus there’s a game ongoing. England VS Portugal I think? so we needed somewhere with a screen. We found a perfect corner spot, got seated and I proceeded to order pork chops and fried rice. I was sure the pork chops would blow his mind senseless. Unfortunately I was told there’s no pork so I ordered chicken curry instead.


For drinks, I decided to go with a cocktail, their signature Irish flag. Comes in a shot glass, and it’s tiny but boy is it lethal.


He also ordered a cocktail by the name screaming orgasm and he jokes about how I’ll be screaming with orgasms later on that night. Haha.

There’s a lot that happens in between but I’ll spare you the details.  Point is, The Well is a perfect date spot. For food I’d recommend their pizza, pork chops, Buffalo wings, chicken curry, and fries. They have so many versions of the latter, you will be surprised by how different fries can look and taste. The place doesn’t sell botties, only shots. So you may want to carry with you some good money. If finances are restricted, ask him to go for a beer. You can drink wine or RTDs if you’re an alcoholic like me. If you ain’t, they have plenty of non alcoholic beverages.  At around 10, I got the bill and I suggest we move on to the next thing so we headed to Zaika.


Date At Zaika Lounge

I’m an artsy person so the interior design of the place takes my breath every damn time. Uuuh, the chandeliers and the lighting and the woodwork. Feels like some sort of haven. The air of sophistication at Zaika is but one of the reason why it’s a perfect place to take your man on a date. The ambience, Wall art, lighting, chairs, food, music, and drinks are all out of this world. 

The place was practically empty with the exception of two ladies drinking Guaranas so I told him to assume I rented the place out for us?. In the words of Neema Mwaipopo, raha jipe mwenyewe.

He was blown away by the the place. And if he was, with how picky and hard to please he is ?, your man will too. I ordered a Cider and he ordered a cocktail. Beautifully garnished might I add.



The Dj made our night with his Playlist. Been there severally. He never disappoints. So if you in the mood for some good music and you wanna dance with your mans as you get wasted he’s got you covered. 

They brought us popcorn as we waited for our drinks and he ate his and mine. That’s traditionally the girl’s role but oh well, it was his day.

I ask him to take me to the balcony for a smoke. Smoking at zaika’s balcony has been on my bucket list for the longest time ever. There are potted plants surrounded by string lights, it’s quiet, the air is fresh plus I need the cold since I’m sorta high. He doesn’t smoke. Matter of fact he dislikes the fact that I smoke. I promise I’ll stop some day?. But he takes me anyway. The rest of our time is spent drinking, talking, fooling around  and taking pictures. We are both tired from work so we leave by 11. 

Alternative Date Ideas

Now, unlike men who have unwritten rules they learn as teenagers on taking a girl on a date, we women just have to wing it.  Basically, learn what your man likes and give that to them. I’m no expert but I could give you a couple of date ideas. If your man is all about grooming and personal care, you could take him for a special haircut coupled with a couples massage at Bedcy Beauty Place. The place is magic.

You could also take him by men clothing stores such as Javo Apparel provided you are willing to spend a fortune. You know, just so he looks dapper on the date. The store has the fanciest and trendiest shoes, shorts, shirts, suits and male accessories. Like me, you can take them to a sports bar and Restaurant. 

If you have an adventurous one, you could go hiking and camping at Samich or Naiberi. You could also go zip lining in Iten.  And with that I’m out of ideas?. If you have any please comment down below and if you take your man on a date, please do share your experience in the comment section or on our socials.


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