Fashionistas And Hits Republic Team Are On A Charity Mission

Fashionista and Hits Republic Charity work
Serving food at the Eldoret Hospice

Fashionistas Models and the Hits Republic serve the patients and their families at Eldoret Hospice

You might see them modeling the latest fashion on the runway or scratching your favorite music while you party the night away but behind the pop of color and loud music is selfless individuals with generous hearts on a mission to give back to the society.

Just recently, the dazzling Fashionistas Models and the Hits Republic turntablists teamed up to cook, play and put a smile on the childhood cancer patients at the Eldoret Hospice. Their luncheon event at Eldoret Hospice was well planned and executed. They did not just show up with packed lunch or hire a catering company to do it, but they took it upon themselves to prepare the meals, serve and have a sit down with the kids.

preparing food for charity at Eldoret Hospice

There was plenty of food for all



Also, in attendance was Eldoret’s Standup comedians, Kiptabut Comedy, who put on a show that kept the audience on the edge of their seats laughing, smirking and having a good time.

Commenting on their Instagram, Fashionistas Models called on each one of us to show strong support for the cancer patients at Eldoret Hospice. Here is what they had to say;

“Let’s all take care of our brothers and sisters suffering from the deadly disease called cancer. It is killing many young people nowadays. It used to kill old people, but now it’s becoming a usual disease. As fashionistas models, it has become our routine to cook, play and share our free times with the patients at Eldoret Hospice which has been a blessing. So, please everyone lets join our hands together to help where we can and give our support to the needy n sick n we will shine in heaven. May GOD bless all who have been with us in our mission.”

We celebrate Fashionistas Models, Hits Republic, Kiptabut Comedy and everyone who came up to show their love and support for the childhood cancer patients.

You too can contribute in any way or the other by joining the team tomorrow 2nd March 2016 at Eldoret Hospice for another luncheon in support of everyone suffering with cancer.

Check out the photos of how it went down at the luncheon event

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