Eldoret Born 3 Time Olympic Champion Conseslus Kipruto Accused of Raping 15 Year Old Girl

conseslus kipruto

Born in Eldoret, Conseslus Kipruto first rose to fame when he won the 3000m men steeplechase race at the 2016 Olympic Games. He is, however, hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons this week. According to reports, he allegedly raped a 15 year old girl. He was arraigned at the Kapsabet Law Courts on Monday, 16th Nov 2020 where he pled not guilty and was released with a Ksh 200,000 cash bail.

The Story Behind It All

Conseslus Kipruto was arrested on November 11th. The police had, however, been on the hunt for the athlete from October 30th. This search was initiated by the girl’s parents who reported the 25 year old had defiled their 15 year old daughter at Mosoriot Police Post. According to them, Conseslus Kipruto engaged in indecent acts with their daughter on October 20th and 21st.

The girl’s parents say she disappeared from home for 3 days. They reside in Tironin Village, Mutwot. Upon her return, they interrogated her to find out where she had been. At first, she did not talk but after hours of interrogation, she revealed she had been at Conseslus Kipruto’s Chesumei residence.

The girl’s phone logs allude the two were in some sort of relationship as they were in constant communication. If this is true and they did engage in sexual relations, Conseslus was clearly breaking the laws listed in the Sexual Offences Acts of 2016. The Act clearly dictate the legal age to have sex in Kenya is 18 years. Though, real talk, who’s we kidding?? Anywho, the law is the law. Lemme mind my business.

What Conseslus Kipruto Stands To Lose

Should he be convicted, Conseslus could face up to 20 years in prison. Principal Magistrate David Ocharo, the judge overseeing the case, set the trial for May 10, 2021. This will be a mere 2 months before he is set to defend his title at the Tokyo Olympics Game. Whether the case will put him off track and compromise his chances of winning, only time will tell.

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