EldoHub Kids and Teens Holiday Innovation Bootcamp

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EldoHub Kids and Teens holiday Innovation Bootcamp
Looking for a great school holiday program for your 6-19-year-olds? EldoHub Kids and Teens Innovation Bootcamp is your best choice

The school holidays are here once again and so is the dilemma that comes with it! On one hand, parents are excited that their kids are at home full time and so they can spend unlimited time with them while on the other hand – they quickly realize that their children’s entertainment budget triples with every passing day as the kids seek ways to “kill” time. What to do? Enroll your child in EldoHub Kids and Teens holiday innovation Bootcamp!

About The Bootcamp

Eldohub kids and teens holiday innovation Bootcamp is an initiative for school going children from 6 years to 19 years with the purpose of introducing them to IT programs such as Coding of mobile apps and games, Web development, Electronics, and Robotics, Logical and Computational Thinking, as well as Internet Safety for Kids.

Eldohub has held the innovation Bootcamp for three holiday seasons last year and has seen students make tremendous progress in their respective courses. By the end of the training, the students come up with working websites, application and even a functioning robot!

This year, Eldohub had diversified their programs to include dancing classes and foreign languages (Mandarin, French, and German)

Isn’t The Program Too Intense for Children?

Each program under the Eldohub kids and teens holiday innovation Bootcamp is conducted in a highly interactive, fun and engaging tutelage. Every child that enrolls in the program is assessed on their computer proficiency and their course is tailormade to their skill level.

So, whether your child has no experience in computers whatsoever or is proficient enough they will be trained and empowered with the necessary skills that will prepare them for the new and fast-changing world of modern technology.

Kids can always pick up from where they left off during the next holiday season.

How To Enroll

The innovation Bootcamp sessions run from 9 AM – 3 PM Monday – Saturday.

The courses take between 1 week to 3 weeks depending on the program you choose.

The cost (also depending on the program) is as follows:-

Snacks, Tea, and Lunch are catered for. Transportation is also provided upon request.

To book your spot at the Eldohub kids and teens holiday innovation Bootcamp, contact:0780223220








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