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Review: A Delicious Delight Pizza Na Marafiki Treat

When I say pizza, you say na marafiki!… Pizza!

I don’t know about you, but, I think pizza is the kind of food that you really don’t want to eat alone; especially when you’re doing the “sit down at the table, order and wait for thirty-minutes” type of pizza treat.


Pizza is more delectable when shared, agreed?

A couple of weeks ago, Delicious Delight, the newest restaurant in Eldoret opened its doors to the public. Since we always bring you the good stuff from this town, we sampled the restaurant and wrote a review (read it here).

So, when we had that they’ve introduced pizza to their menu, team Eldoret Leo once again teamed up with some Rafiki’s; Barbara Kaari of Kaari’s Kitchen and Ivy Kimutai of Young Clover Media to sample the Delicious Delight pizza.

What We Had

This local restaurant may look like a modern coffee shop rather than a pizza joint but the pizzaiolo (Italian for a pizza cook) can concoct a slice of pizza like you never tasted!

Delicious Delight pizza menu includes Regina, Margherita, Hawaiian, BBQ Steak, Mexican, Chicken Peri Peri, Vegetarian and many others.

We decided to go for the Margherita, BBQ Steak and Chicken Periperi which were served, fresh out of the oven in about 40 mins after making our order.


At first glance, the Margherita pizza appeared to be heavy and greasy but upon the first bite, the slice was very tender, crispy and surprisingly as light as a feather.

Delicious Delights-Pizza- Margherita

The undercoat has a thin layer of sauce which is well spread over the well-risen bread. The toppings include fried red onions, basil pesto and molten mozzarella that drips into the pizza crust giving you an exquisite taste.


Recommendation: If you want to avoid meat, then you should definitely go for this pizza. The Margherita is a richly flavoured veggie option that goes well with any drink.

Price: Ksh. 750 (medium) Ksh. 950 (large)

Chicken Peri Peri

One word, tear-gas! Delicious Delight chicken peri peri pizza is as hot as they come. This pizza is topped with grilled chicken, green chillies, hot peri peri sauce and fresh tomatoes. The marinated chicken is quite tender and flavourful which “keeps you going” despite the hot chillies.

Delicious Delights-Pizza-Chicken-Peri-Peri

Recommendation: If you like it spicy then this is your kind of pizza.

Price: Ksh. 1050 (medium) Ksh. 1250 (large)

BBQ Steak

My favourite of the three. The slices were so sweet, I was in pizza heaven! The BBQ steak pizza is cooked with red onions and a sweet sauce that includes fresh pineapple squeeze. The toppings include well-cut slices of medium rare steak drizzled in tasty BBQ sauce and sweet corn to add the depth of flavours. Delicious Delights-Pizza-BBQ-Steak

Recommendation: A top choice if you love some sweet taste in your mouth.

Price: Ksh. 1050 (medium) Ksh. 1250 (large)

Delicious Delight might be a new pizzeria in Eldoret but the quality of their pizza rivals all other joints in town. The chef really knows his flavours. Combine that with the great ambience at the restaurant plus the available fast Wi-Fi service and this could just be your favourite joint.

Delicious Delight-Juice

Have you had the chance to try out Delicious Delight Pizza? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have not yet had their pizza, call up your friends and have a treat together.

Delicious Delight is located on the ground floor at Sugarland Plaza (Where Uchumi supermarket was)






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  1. So far the best joint i ever visited around . Thanks for sharing

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