Dating In Eldoret; The Dos and Don’ts

Dating in Eldoret

Dating in Eldoret can be frustrating, but there are ways to get around | Photo courtesy of Onchangwa Photography

For what it’s worth, I think dating is risky business. With the territory comes heartbreaks, STIs, yeast infections, annoying exes, etc.

Not to be morbid. I do, after all, sit in a matatu for 6 hours to go give my man some good lovin. So I guess it’s not all that bad?. Occasionally it is even worth it when you get a decent person.

Still, dating in Eldoret especially is not for the weak of heart.

It’s such an iconic but small town, you bump into your exes, their friends, people your partner cheated with, and your replacements all the time. Not to mention choices are so limited.

At times you are telling your friend about this jamaa you met only for them to tell you “been there and done that. ” Yaiks! All in all, dating in a small town is frustrating. But if you are going to do it anyway, here are a few rules to get you by.

Veteran Players Dating In Eldoret Beware

If you are going to cheat on your partner, please don’t walk around with your partner in crime. Tutakutangaza nani?!.

Just the other day a friend came to visit with another friend’s man! Of course, they didn’t know I know this guy is dating my other friend. But lemme tell you I couldn’t wait for them to leave so I could tell my girlfriends!!!

You must think I’m cruel for not telling the OG girlfriend in question. In my defense, when my exes cheated on me nobody told me so imma mind my business and let shit roll out.

But I digress. The case in point, you cannot get away with cheating in Eldoret. That said, if you are a veteran player, up your game or just get out ( hope you said that get out na sauti ya rono.h?).

All eyes on you. You cannot get away with cheating in Eldoret | Photo courtesy of Onchangwa Photography

Be Savage

I don’t mean be a savage like take other people’s men because all your man can offer is drugs and sex. I mean learn how to deal with exes, people your person cheated with and your replacements. The last two groups especially will take every opportunity they get to rub it in your face.

We know your pain. The North Remembers?. Anyhu, learn to handle such people with finesse. Avoid unnecessary drama oh aty mlitukanana, mlipigana. Focus on your s**t and be someone they lowkey wanna be.

Level Up

True love dictates you should love your better half in spite of their appearances. Who are we kidding though? Have you ever gone to the club with your man and instantly regretted not dressing up because weeeeeh Eldoret girls slay!!! And you kinda feel your man’s attention will be on them.

There will always be people finer than you but if you want to keep your person, lock them up in the house or level the f**k up. Smell good, dress up and learn how to please your partner.

Written by Dreamchaser

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