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Club Timba Threatens Town Based Clubs As Sales Reduce

Eldoret clubs feeling the heat

Drink sales remain low as the new competition threatens club operators in Eldoret

Club Timba has most certainly caused ripples in Eldoret Town club life. While that’s the case, no one expected the effects to be as adverse as they currently are. The three top clubs along Oloo street that used to enjoy a near monopoly in the night club business have admitted to reduced sales and low turn out as soon as Club Timba opened its doors.

A few months ago, a Friday night along Oloo street would see you hustle for parking space let alone securing a seat at one of your favorite hangouts. That is not the case anymore; the parking spaces are empty as well as the seats. The charm that Club Timba wields has since lured many patrons, and with good reason.

Club Timba Eldoret

Every reveler is looking for a new high

Club Timba in the few months of operation is seen to be continually intensifying efforts to make their nightlife an experience second to none. The flurry of celebrities frequenting the establishment on a daily basis is something very uncommon in Eldoret Town. January alone saw the club play host to Kidum, Kriss Darling, Kaytrixx and Mambo Mseto crew. If that’s not all, the club poached top talent and professionals like the Hits Republic Dj unit as well as bartenders and waiters from the popular joints in town; a well calculated move to say the least.

Club Timba Competition is Welcomed

Monopoly is not always synonymous with quality. The increased competition in the entertainment business in Eldoret is seeing clubs having to improve their service delivery and the clubs that fail to heed this call will soon be lost in the dust. Be that as it may, the upsurge of clubs in Eldoret is not coming to an end anytime, if at all.

Tough competition provides epic party experiences for revelers

Entrance Fee Detrimental To Clubs

One of the things that have been of detriment to many Eldoret-based clubs is the charging of an entrance fee. Most clubs charge 200 shillings as an admittance fee which is an old practice not to mention swindling the customer off their hard earned money. The standard practice of charging an entrance fee is for acts/performances or selling redeemable vouchers which are also slowly becoming unpopular.

For some years Eldoret nightlife used to be centered around the CBD. However, with the entry of clubs such as Club 24, 64 Resort and Restaurant, Rumors and the newest entrant Club Timba. Clubbing within the town might soon become a thing of the past.

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  1. Such a nice place….offers the best hospitality..crowded with the most beautiful girls you will ever see in Eldoret town.

  2. Apparently Lazo The Blogger

    I haven’t managed to club at Timba, but I bet its a whole new thing. Goodbye to clubbing in town. Eldoret I’m coming for Timba?????

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