Children’s Day Charity Event: Here Is Your Chance to Make a Kid Smile

Eldoret is known for so many positive things, Athletics, Farming, entrepreneurship among others. But what goes unnoticed is the spirit of the Eldoret people, filled with Love, kindness and compassion. I am talking Charity.

Come and support the kid’s with cancer this Saturday, May 28th at Eldoret Hospice

The Organizers

Charity Organisations are taking Eldoret by storm, and all for the Good of the people. That said;

There are so many kids affected by cancer around the world; these are the kids who know nothing short of pain, anguish and despair, but yet sometimes they are overlooked instead of being showered with all the love, affection and support that they are in dire need.

FABWIL Foundation, Fashionistas Models and Eldoret Hospice among other entities, have come in to rectify this situation, they understand that children are indeed little angels that brighten our world.

A campaign, a movement geared towards putting smiles on these Children’s faces and leaving a mark in their hearts has been launched. 28th May 2016 is the day set aside for these undoubtedly special little beings.

How You Can Help

28th May 2016 dubbed ‘Children’s Day’ is nothing short of that, as the organisers and the associate sponsors Have it planned that The Whole day is spent with the kids, Playing with the kids, eating with the kids, reading with the kids among many other activities.

Everyone is invited to join in and share the love, let’s join hands and make this day the best day these kids ever had in their lives. By not only sharing the day with them but by donating items likely to be used by these kids including Clothes, toys, foodstuffs, children’s books to name but a few.

The end line is the hope that Children’s day will be a success in that the kids will be left smiling and the Charity Champs (You) will leave feeling fulfilled.

Mark Your calendar, people, and Remember this is Not about you; It is about the Kids.

Meeting Time: 10 AM

Venue: Eldoret Hospice

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