Blue Lounge, The New Cocktail Hotspot In Town

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Cocktails at Blue Lounge Eldoret

Eldoret Walevi Sacco holllaaaa🙋‍♀️. To all cocktail lovers, I bring good tidings😂! There’s a new cocktail Hotspot in E-Town and they are doing the damn thing, guns blazing and all.  Yani, they done did it!!! Blue Lounge is the name and it is located in Pioneer, along the eldoret-kisumu highway, near kobil petrol station, opposite Nairobi road.

Ambience At Blue Lounge Eldoret

If you’ve been to AFCO, pale Eldoret Showground, then Blue Lounge has a similar vibe only more fancy and way bigger. (P. S I don’t get why people call it AFCO. It’s a mess. AFCO stands for Armed Forces Canteen Organization which are supermarkets you find in military camps of which they were renamed to DEFCO. I’m a military brat. I should know. But since majority rules tutaiita tu AFCO. ) Anyhu where was I? Oh yes, Blue Lounge has a similar vibe. So there’s the main gate that leads to the parking lot. Then there’s another small gate which you pass through to access the lounge itself.  It is divided into 5 areas.


First you have a lounge with tall bar stools and tables where you will find the DJ at the corner.

Next to it is another lounge area with couches.

You also have an outdoor lounge area which is divided into sjui niziite “huts”. I’m sure you get it.

Can’t find the English word for it.  There’s another segment at the corner. Last but not least, the part we are most grateful for, the cocktail bar area.


It’s a pretty chill place with lots of seating options. The music is good, the place is spacious and it just eminates good, easy vibes.

Cocktails At Blue Lounge

The Cocktails at this recently opened lounge come in many shapes and colors. They look picture perfect and taste just as good as they look.

The cocktails menu at Blue Lounge is very extensive. It features internationally famous cocktails such as the cosmopolitan, Pina colada, long Island, mint julep, Manhattan and various renditions of margaritas to mention just a few. It also features special cocktails unique to the place such as the Seven Deadly Sins, The Toxic Bitch, Blue Lounge Sangria, and the Paralyzer.

All these cocktails are surprisingly affordable and range from KES 450 to KES 800. Happy hour runs from 3 PM to 6 PM. During this time, you get a buy one get one free offer on select cocktails.

Suffice to say the place is singlehandedly redefining cocktail serves in Eldoret. Popular go-to  spots like 64 Resort, Zaika and The Well now have to step up their game or else Blue Lounge might just give them a run for their money.


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