Bang for buck: Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Samsung Galaxy M30

By The Unpaid Writer

Bang for buck, the long and the short of it is getting the most value out of a dime. This segment is meant to help you get the most value out of your money especially in this dynamic tech world. TVs, Phones, cameras, Sound systems and/or even cars could be cause you a headache when buying so we do the research for you so you don’t get to waste any of your hard earned bucks. What’s more is that we will share links to some verified online stores where you can get your wares most affordably. Onwards, onwards…

The past few years have seen market leader Samsung succumb to the pressure of smaller phone companies such as Xiaomi, Techno and Infinix to begin manufacturing millions of phones with powerful features and selling them at a fraction of the cost of their flagship counterparts. The main reason is to maintain it’s ever dwindling dominance in the third world phone market.

Samsung’s line of phones now comprises of hundreds of different low-end, budget, midrange, flagships and super flagship phones all with powerful features.

Two phones of most interest are Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy M30. The A71 is an upper- midrange phone while Samsung M30 is a budget phone. Why pit these phones against each other you may ask, well the idea is to try figure out where the bang for buck is. Check out this comparison done by GSMArena, a very reliable source of phone info.

Notice the two red highlight, those are some of the differences of these between these two phone. The selfie camera where the M31 reigns supreme with a larger aperture and on the battery size where it again conquers due to its bigger battery. The screen on the A31 is a 6.4 and the A71 is 6.7 inches, quite significant.

in terms of aesthetics, the two phones are identical save for the color scheme and the selfie camera placement. Most people would argue that the A71 looks better. I’d have to agree.

Also note that the chipsets in these two phones are totally different. But due to limited information and research on that. No comment

From that assessment the Samsung Galaxy M31 appears more powerful than the A71. However how much do they cost?

The M31 should cost 26,000 kenyan shillings and that’s the average price. The A71 will take you back 41,000 on average.

Here are the links to the online stores where you can get these phones if you wanted one. But hurry the M31 seems to be moving fast for obvious reasons. It is currently sold out in many of the stores.


Avechi – The M31 and A71 are cheapest in this store.



It’s now upon you to make the choice. Two phones almost identical but with a difference of 15k between them. Make that shilling count.

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