Graduate Farmer, Kaari’s Kitchen & Eldoret Leo Nominated for Bake Awards

Eldoret might be getting it’s due recognition in fields other than athletics and politics. A fortnight ago 3 blogs from Eldoret were nominated by Bake (Bloggers Association of Kenya) as the best in their respective categories for the Bake Awards 2017. The blogs are

Graduate Farmer

Graduate farmer has been nominated for the Best Environmental/Agricultural Category. The blog informs the farmer about modern day practices in agriculture. How to make money and a whole lot more. The blog is run by Joseph Boit and other incredible writers.

Josepth Boit - Graduate Farmer BAKE Awards

Joseph Boit, the proprietor of graduate farmer is dedicated to empowering young men and women from being job seekers to creators through agribusiness

To view the blog go to Graduatefarmer.co.ke

Kaari’s Kitchen

Kaari’s Kitchen has also been nominated under the new blog category. Kaari’s kitchen is authored by Kaari Magara, her blog gives you an insight into her Kitchen, her unique recipes and many ways to improve your skills in the kitchen.

Kaari's Kitchen BAKE AWards

Cooking is about having fun, trying out different recipes and experimenting with ingredients. That’s exactly what Kaari’s Kitchen is all about

Check out the blog on Kaaris-kitchen.co.ke

Eldoret Leo

Eldoret Leo scooped a nomination on the best county blog category. From the get go Eldoret Leo has been striving to get Eldoret on the map by showcasing the uniqueness, untapped abilities and talents within the county alongside athletics and by the looks of things it’s doing just that.

Eldoret Leo BAKE Awards

Eldoret Leo showcases the best in lifestyle, entertainment, business, technology and people from Eldoret to the world


How to Vote

This years edition of the Bake Awards has seen the introduction of the SMS Vote Verification which will ensure that voting will be limited to one vote per person unlike other years where one person would vote countless times.

To vote for the blogs above please visit vote.bakeawards.co.ke Scroll down to

6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog: Select graduatefarmer.co.ke (6B)

9. Best New Blog: Select kaaris-kitchen.com (9C)

17. Best County Blog: Select eldoretleo.com (17C)

Answer a simple math question and click vote. Verify your vote using the short code sent to your SMS

SGR Photography Challenge.

As predicted, two of the photographers mentioned on our Photographers to watch in 2017 post were chosen to compete in the SGR Photography Challenge. These are Biwott Patrick and Ben Omwaka. The later not from Eldoret but a good sport none the less. Please vote for them on the People’s Choice award.

To vote for the below image shot by Biwott Patrick Click here.

Biwott Patrick

Click here to vote for the image below shot by Ben Omwaka

Bake awards


Please Note:

  1. The voting phase for SGR Photography Challenge ends tonight (Thursday, April 20th 2017) midnight. Please hurry and vote.
  2. Bake Awards voting ends 9th May. You are only eligible to vote once per phone number. For your vote to count, you have to verify your vote through the sms short code sent to your phone. Every vote counts, so, please ask your friends and family to vote as well.

We are The City of Champions. Let’s vote in numbers and bring these awards home!

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