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I am a communication enthusiast, Avid reader, Ardent writer and a Sound PR Practitioner.

Misik Musings: Judge Me Not!

Within two weeks, I have traversed the vast lands of Kenya. I have been to many places, seen many things beautiful and disturbing, met so many people, hostile and loveable and now I feel like an old man (white hair ...

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Put A Smile 2016

Put a smile campaign 2016 at Eldoret Rescue Centre

Put A Smile Campaign Date :Sunday 6th November 2016 Venue : Eldoret Rescue Centre Let the children come to me….” Jesus had a soft spot for little children, and I mean, who doesn’t . Children are adorable little beings, their ...

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#MiskMusings : The Forbidden Magnet

African American Couple

“She annoys me to death, we don’t even sleep in the same bed, our marriage is practically over.” a Bunch of truths or lies told by some married partners to their beloved side dishes. A lot has been told, a ...

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#MCM Diaries: The genius; Emox K’amimo

Meet Emox, a guy whose hands are full with things of interest to him, Talk Entrepreneurship(Involved with Emoxgraffix, and holds an MD position at Eldoret Finest Modelling Agency), Emox is also an artist; graphics design, spoken word and Rap musician. ...

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