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Air Travel Most Convenient For Eldoret.

A few years ago, travel in and out of Eldoret had to be by road, predominantly because of the unpredictability of air travel,the extremely high prices and the simple fact that people were used to traveling by road. That narrative is slowly changing. Air travel is becoming more popular especially when travelling to far destinations such as Nairobi, Lodwar or Mombasa.

Eldoret International Airport

Eldoret International Airport

Eldoret town is witnessing massive improvements on the air travel front, Eldoret International Airport now plays host to three major airlines in Kenya. Fly540, JamboJet and the newest entry Skyward Express. There are also two international cargo airlines that make stops at the airport.  Emirates Sky Cargo and Etihad Chrystal Cargo. 

Currently the three airlines are limited to destinations with airports which are Nairobi, Lodwar. There are few occasional flights to Kisumu and no direct flights to Mombasa due to the lack of frequent fliers to these destinations.

Air ticket prices are relatively affordable. However, if you compare air travel with road travel there is huge cost gap. On average traveling by road to Nairobi will cost you 1000 shillings, a one way ticket to Nairobi by air will cost you 4000ksh. The margin is clearly wide but what you lose in terms of money you gain in time and safety. It will take you an hour max, to travel from Eldoret to Nairobi by air as opposed to the five hour tiresome journey by road. Traveling by air is also much safer compared to traveling by road.

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Horticulture farmers in Eldoret are also enjoying benefits of having an airport for quick transportation of their agricultural produce.

Current flights rates from Eldoret to Nairobi.

Fly540 Return Ticket — 7,540 Ksh

JamboJet Return Ticket – 6050 Ksh

Skyward Express Return Ticket– 9000Ksh.

*To note, Air fares are dependent on many variables and are likely to fluctuate.

Eldoret Airport, Eldoret Town

Amazing shot at sundown in Eldoret International Airport

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