Weekend Recap: How It Went Down At The African Queens Night (Photos)

DJ Mellow on the decks at African Queens Night Eldoret
DJ Mellow and the Al Back Corporate crew at the African Queens Night, at the Well Irish Pub & Restaurant
DJ Mellow and the Al Back Corporate crew at the African Queens Night, at the Well Irish Pub & Restaurant

African Queens Night at the Well Irish Pub & Restaurant was a huge hit. Three quick highlights;

  1. The Well Irish Pub stayed lit the whole night
  2. DJ Mellow is more fire!
  3. Celebrity guest appearances epitomised the event

Turn Up At The Well Irish Pub

If you’re a regular at Irish, then, you must know that the pub usually closes at 11 pm. However, last Friday night, music at the pub was banging all the way to 4 am with a lot of party goers turning up.

For most of the people I interacted with, African Queens Night at the Well was a great alternative to the typical club scene – while others said that the event was the best party starter for their Friday night escapades. I couldn’t agree more, African Queens Night will go down on our list of Top Events in Eldoret 2017.

The event attracted an eclectic bunch of Eldoret ravelers who were treated to top-notch entertainment from the renowned DJ Mellow and surprise celebrity guests. So who was at the event? Check out some of the photos


DJ Mellow can throw a party! She had bags of energy and swagger to go with her performance. Her set started at around 10 PM and went through to 4 AM. With each passing hour, the DJ switched from one genre to the next playing all the crowd’s favourite music; including the popular hit “Man’s Not Hot” which got an ecstatic reception from the attendees. Here is DJ Mellow in action


Suprise Celebrity Appearances

To think that that was all set for the night, Al Black Corporate who were the event organizers had one last trick under their sleeves. While guys were busy getting down to the music and enjoying themselves, in came two of the biggest entertainers in Kenya, Jalang’o and Obinna who took the event’s hype to the next level.


African Queens Night was an epic party. We do hope that Al Black Corporate has more in store for us.

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P/s All photos in the post are courtesy of Kijiji Pictures.

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