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5 Most Affordable Estates To Live In Eldoret

If you were asked which are the popular estates to live in Eldoret, which estates would you include on your list? Here are the 5 estates we came up with;

In the last eight years, Eldoret has seen a sudden increase in its population which has rippled its effects to stern economic growth, real estate development and a notable improvement in its infrastructures thanks to devolution.

While Eldoret has always been welcoming to people from all over the country and beyond, the soaring housing demand is proving a challenge to most people looking for a comfortable living.

We have come with a list of residential estates that provide adequate security, affordable lifestyle and standard living for the middle-income mwananchi, without further adieu, here are 5 of the most popular estates to live in Eldoret;

1. Kapsoya

Kapsoya Estate

Overview of Kapsoya Estate

Kapsoya estate is one of the oldest suburbs in Eldoret and has held on to its old buses as a sign of heritage. The estate can now claim some respect due to the multiple infrastructural developments that have been taking place in the area. The recently installed street lights and carpeted tarmac roads have no doubt been one of the reasons Kapsoya has won many hearts.

Tarmac Kapsoya Street

Tarmac Kapsoya Street

This estate provides easy accessibility to and from Eldoret CBD. In fact, it’s only about a 25minute walk from town to Kapsoya and less than 10 minutes drive on the signature old buses that provide public transportation.

The newly improved drainage system, installed street lighting and paved roads contribute to the overall habitability of the area and provide excellent access to the estate anytime day/night or any season rain/sunshine.

Kapsoya estate

Kapsoya streets lights up at night

Among the social amenities available in the area include Hospitals (Mediheal is just around the corner) Churches, Hotels, Restaurants and an upcoming Shopping Mall (Rupa Mall)

Power Interruptions and Water Shortages are some of the downsides of living in Kapsoya estate. With the current development projects in the area, there are frequent power outages that can go for up to 12 hours. Water is frequently rationed as well.

Rental Housing Costs:

2 Bedroom Ksh 15,000 – Ksh 25,000 (New Houses) Ksh 8,000 – Ksh 12,000 (Old Houses)
1 Bedroom 8,000 – 12,000 (New Houses)


2. West Indies Estate

A few modern houses are cropping up in West Indies

A few modern houses are cropping up in West Indies

A walk around West Indies and you will have a nostalgic feeling of the old colonial days. Originally occupied by Indians, most houses in West Indies have maintained an old rustic Indian architecture. It always seems like the area is struggling to catch up with modern times.

That notwithstanding, this suburb is inhabited by the town’s upper-middle-class, majority of whom are tenants. The area does not have a lot of houses to rent out, but, there is still availability of low-cost rental houses most of which are SQs, county council houses which are within the estate.

While West Indies is only five minutes away from Eldoret town, the unique thing about this area is the tranquillity that fills up the place which is divergent from the hustle of the busy CBD. The area enjoys a constant supply of water and electricity, although, it does not have a dependent public transport, most people get by on their vehicles. Those that don’t have cars, however, have to rely on the Kipkaren bound matatus or hitch on a bodaboda for Ksh 50 per trip.

Kogo Flats

Iconic Kogo Flats in West Indies

The estate also enjoys ample security. You will hardly hear of any theft or robbery cases. However, the sprawling Kokwas estate (lower area of West Indies) pose a security risk to the area and have forced many residents to set electric perimeter walls and installed security alarm systems.

West Indies shopping center

Small retail shops available in West Indies do not fully cater for the resident’s needs

The major drawback of living in Eldoret estate is the lack of established shopping centres. Most people are forced to do their shopping in town. Also, although there are tarmac roads all through the estate, they are poorly maintained. Pot holes and road patches will slow down your movement.

Rental Housing Costs:

2 Bedroom Ksh 18,000 – Ksh 25,000
1 Bedroom Ksh 10,000 –Ksh 16,000


3. Action Estate

Estates have cropped up overnight in Eldoret due to the high demand for housing, and one excellent example is Action estate. It took less than two years to have Action estate on the Map. The location of the estate and the high number of Tertiary level institutions have contributed to its exponential growth.

The population in action estate is not huge compared to other estates in Eldoret. Be that as it may, you are bound to find ready rental property for occupation at any one time in case you are looking to upgrade or move into the estate for the first time.

Some reasons why Action estate is among the best places to live in Eldoret include;

Proximity to Town – The estate is a stone throw away from Eldoret CBD; it takes less than 20 minutes to town for even then slowest walkers. It also enjoys public transport way late into the night ensuring that you get home in the most affordable way.

Availability of housing – Action is a developing estate and thus has a huge number of housing projects coming up every day and. Therefore, you are likely to get affordable housing at any time of the month.

Action Estate

There is still work to be done on the roads and drainage

However, just like any other estate, there are some downsides. The major drawback of living in Action is the water shortage and security. Also they lack tarmac roads into the estate. But to be fair water shortage cuts across every estate in Eldoret save for the fancy Estates that have a secure line.

Rental Housing Costs

2 Bedroom Ksh 12,000 (On Average)
1 Bedroom Ksh 6,000 ( On Average)


4. Pioneer

Pioneer Estate is another popular estate mainly because of the proximity to town. It is also one of the estates that experience least water rationing in Eldoret and minimal power outages. The downside of living in Pioneer estate is that the main Public transport available (matatus) do not access the inner areas of the estate. Therefore, residents have to rely on Matatus that ply Kisumu road to Langas which will leave you somewhere along Kisumu road so you have to go the rest of the way on foot. That being said. However, there are alternative means of transport to the Estate like the always available bodaboda and Cabs.

Pioneer Estate is a rather secure estate aside from the petty robbery cases. You will hardly hear of violent robbery crimes in the estate. Accessibility could a challenge as some parts of the estate are not paved thus during extreme seasons residents are affected by either too much dust or a lot of mud.

Rental property in Pioneer is readily available; multiple construction projects are in the offing. With the huge number of rental property in the area, there are more rental cost options for people looking to live in Pioneer estate most of which are affordable to most people.

Pioneer is proximal to some social amenities including churches, schools, hospitals even a chief’s camp is around the estate to cater to the needs of the residents.

Rental Housing Costs:

2 Bedroom Ksh 10,000 – Ksh 25,000
1 Bedroom Ksh 6,000 – Ksh 12,000


5. Mwanzo Estate

Of the five, Mwanzo estate is the furthest from the CBD however; it is very affordable and provides a socially vibrant environment to live in. The entire area is occupied by rental houses with only a few residential properties.

This estate is self-sustaining; there are a lot of retail shops and self-servicing stores, many entertainment joints and money service agents from Mpesa and leading national banks. You can stay in Mwanzo without needing anything from Eldoret town.

Accessibility is also a great merit of the area. Mwanzo has its public transport network which charges 30 bob from Town and 20 bob to town. The estate itself has well-maintained murram roads and a few places that have tarmac.
Mwanzo also has many guest houses that provide affordable and alternative accommodation to the CBD. Travellers can take their rest in any of the available guest rooms from as little as Ksh 800 (bed and breakfast)

However, due to its congestion, Mwanzo experiences contact challenges of water shortages and poor drainage, especially during the rainy period. Security, although it has since improved since the introduction of “Nyumba Kumi” initiative is still a risk.

Housing Rental Costs:

2 bedroom Ksh 8,500 – Ksh 10,000
1 bedroom Ksh 6,500 – Ksh 7,500

So there you have it, these are the popular estates to live in Eldoret. Do you think your area is missing or is misrepresented? Share your thoughts and opinions on the comment section below.

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  1. Great description. You have explored the city of Champions. This keeps us updated and knowledgeable. Keep it up.

  2. What of Elgon view estate?

  3. selling an old model three bedroomed house at kapsoya goes for 6m,for more info contact nikhanir@gmail.com

  4. It’s not that they were forgotten , it’s that elgon view isn’t affordable, Langas the security and variation of housing units is too vast annex is not really an estate but settlement defining an affordable estate less than five would fit . But the list is accurate all things considered from basic amenities , security , and pric
    e per capita

  5. Actually, I don’t understand why you would classify Kokwas as a security threat to West Indies. Or did you imply that the place in question is inhabited by thugs?

  6. What!!! Si nyumba ni cheap Eldoret

  7. Maze i am seriously looking for a house any of the above estates.
    2 bedrooms price range kes 8.5k – 10k
    Please anyone to assist

  8. Good description to us who are new in eldoret searching for residential places

  9. Yes,you forgot elgon view,esp annex,which is the coolest place so far,its green,calm & with a nice low population.The estate has actually grown to be the town’s most sought-after residential and commercial centre.Thumbs up for

  10. Could you tell me where I can get a 1 bedroom rental for 7000/= p.m. in Pioneer, near town?

  11. I am looking for a two bedroom between 8k and 12k in specifically kapsoya near Alpha academy please any leads please I will really appreciate.

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