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taxi-hailing apps in Eldoret

There are four fully operational taxi-hailing apps in Eldoret town and more are expected to join the fray

Three words, taxi-hailing apps. In recent times, Eldoret has seen an upsurge of these, currently, there are four fully operational taxi-hailing apps within the town and more are expected to join the fray as established brands such as Little Cab and Taxify eye the once virgin market.

Regular taxi users are excited about these taxi hailing apps as they have solved some of their long standing problems with the their ‘Cab guy’.

To name a few, the prices are astronomically low. Second, they are more secure than ordinary taxi, reliable, and convenient. The list is endless.

I’ve had an opportunity to sample two of the four and I’d term my experience as pleasant. Here are the four apps plus their download links from the latest entrant to the earlier…

Wasili Cab

Wasili is the newest taxi hailing app in Eldoret
Wasili recently expanded to Eldoret and comes in with a wealth of experience in taxi hailing services

Wasili is the newest entrant into the Eldoret market having started operations a few weeks ago. However, not new to the business, it has been operational in Nakuru for years and has enjoyed much success in that market.

Despite being the newest in the Eldoret Market, Wasili appears to be a force to be reckoned with due to the it having the highest penetration rate. You must have spotted a Wasili Cab in your neighborhood. Currently Wasili has a 4.4 rating on Play Store

Click to Install Wasili on Android
Click to Install Wasili on iOS


GoTeksi taxi hailing app in Eldoret
After a grand launch, GoTeksi swiftly swooped in grab a significant part of the market share

GoTeksi was launched recently in a colorful event. It has since been able to claim part of the market share and secure a position among the greats. It has a 4.2 Rating on the Play Store.

Click to install GoTeksi on Android


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Slået op af Smatt Cabs i Lørdag den 2. februar 2019

SmattCabs is another participant with high penetration. They began operation earlier in the year and have had a good run thus far. Smattcabs has a strong rating of 4.6 by 72 users. That being said, there seems to be a problem with their app. I could not go past the registration process on the app.

Click to install SmattCabs on Android

Nyota Ride

Nyota Ride was the first taxi hailing app in Eldoret
Nyota Ride was first to break into the market and provides a very stable and responsive platform

Nyota Ride has been in the market for some time, it pioneered the taxi-hailing app business in Eldoret. It has undergone the most transition and arguably has the more superior app than its successors. It has a rating of 4.0 on the app store.

Click to install Nyota Ride on Android

Cost effectiveness

The screenshots below are for Wasili Nyota Ride and GoTeksi from same pick up point with the destination at The Eldoret International Airport. The distance from Eldoret Town to the airport is approximately 16KM

The cost is Ksh 642.36 for 3 Passengers and Ksh 826.05 for 4 Passenger vehicle.

The cost for Nyota Ride is slightly higher for Nyota Economy at Ksh 719.20. For Nyota Choice it will cost you Ksh 769.20

GoTeksi is the cheapest of the three at only 630 shillings.

For the regular taxi, you will part with at least Ksh 1000.00 from town to the Airport, the hailing apps are a huge save.

P/s We are yet to use Smattcabs app, as soon as we do so. We shall provide information on the same.

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