The end of a year is a time for reminiscing. We love to look back and list the things we did or at least meant to as well as keep track of all the happenings. Here in Eldoret, if we weren’t back to business since the pandemic, then the happenings were bigger and brighter in 2022 than it has been in the past few years.

It started on a high note, with J. chameleon and Goodlife Weasel’s astonishing Hit after Hit concert scheduled for 29th January; and we couldn’t get enough of the headliners. After all, Dr. Jose Chameleon remains the king of Afrobeats.

There was a change of government mid-year being an election year in Kenya; And who can forget the sensational 2:01:09 marathon world record by our very own Eliud Kipchoge during the BMW Berlin Marathon? It was all systems go for Eldoret residents this past year.

However, the continued push to make Eldoret a city continues and so does the battle to keep up with the cost of living. This, on the contrary, suggests that the pandemic isn’t quite done with us yet. We continue to witness its after-effects on the cost of goods, and cost of doing business as well, demanding more from the consumers. This in turn is an inspiring reflection and re-evaluation on the part of the government. 

Now onto some of the happenings that made 2022 wholesome.

Hallmark events of 2022

August 9th and well, now September 25th is one of those few dates that made it into the history books. August 9th 2022; as we all know is the election date and consequently a new government for Uasin Gishu County and Kenya in general. Governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim together with his team took over the mantle from the pioneer Governor; Jackson Mandago. Jonathan Bii’s administration started on a high note with a promise to prioritize the local’s accessibility to services. With slightly over three months in office, his vision is sure coming to plan.

In addition to that, just as we thought Eliud Kipchoge was living his dream, the G.O.A.T had other plans. 3 years after he set his new world record, Kipchoge went ahead to slice 30 seconds from it at the BMW Berlin Marathon in September this past year. whereas the breakthrough was a moment of pride not only for Kenyans; but most especially Eldoret residents. It’s always a proud moment to see one of our own as a world-recognized champion.

2022 Entertainment big events

The legendary musician Nyashinski performance at the Shin city Live in Eldoret

From the Amapiano tour to the Hay festival; Oktoba fest; Shin City; Churchill show…there is never a shortage of thrilling moments in the Eldoret’s entertainment scenes. Perhaps one of the highly talked about; was Nyashinski’s Shin City on 26th November at the Eldoret sports club. And to say the least; the guy delivered!

Churchill show on the other hand for its second time in 2022 docked at Rupa’s mall grounds for the year’s edition of the Vuka Mwaka party. Hosted by Mwalimu Churchill, talk top comedians, musicians, and fireworks display even!

One of the most memorable, old skul scenes, however, came from 22nd October’s Hay festival. With Freshly Mwamburi and Kidum on site, the festival was nothing short of relaxing and on-point.

These were just some of the events, down to the Oktoba fest, Tumin festival, the second edition of the legeza dance battle and for the very first time, the introduction of the Amapiano tour in Eldoret. Which one did you enjoy more?

Throwing a spanner in the works, however, were the consecutive cancellations of Zuchu as well as the Harmonize’s performances in Eldoret.

Trade Affairs

By now, you’ve probably noticed the growth of different hubs around Eldoret. Being a strong contributor to the different Innovation forums; emerging technologies in entrepreneurship, Agri-tech as well as inventions were highlighted this past year. Kickstarted by the North Rift Valley Innovation week from the 21st to the 25th of November 2022, the project by the Association of countrywide innovation hubs was targeted at the grassroots level.

The Eldoret Innovation Week’s launch on the 26th of the same month saw it take root in the region. With its first edition run successfully, and many more to come, EIW is targeting the youth as well as entrepreneurs in fostering innovation and new technology towards solving community problems. Wrapping up the year was the Turoonik festival. The festival saw highlights on matters of Agri-tech with relevance to building resilience against global economic factors such as climate change. A very important venture, if you ask me!

Sports events

Chebarbar sevens Rugby Tournament, Peace Edition

Forget the world cup. Sports wise for the region’s residents, 2022 was perhaps a great year. The peace edition of the Chebarbar sevens rugby tournament in July opened it up to a sporty year. Following closely in October, and perhaps the biggest and the highlight of the year in the sports arena was the Mr and Miss East Africa Natural Bodybuilding Contest. The city of Champions played host to its inaugural Edition, one that witnessed a huge number of fans in contrast to its being known for track races. Aimed at sensitizing natural bodybuilding, the event was nothing short of a success.

Martin Keino from (left), Kipkeino Sports Event Organiser, Uasin Gishu County Assembly Speaker Philip Muigei, National Volleyball Head Coach Paul Bitok, and David Leting, Kenya Volleyball Federation North Rift Chairman, during a press conference for the Inaugural Eldoret City Open Volleyball Tournament held at Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu County on November 30, 2022. The event is slated for this Saturday and Sunday. Teams from Uganda and Tanzania are also expected. JARED NYATAYA (Eldoret).

Talking of the city going big, let’s talk about the inaugural edition of the Eldoret city volleyball tournament. With over 60 teams from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda participating, Eldoret played host to another huge inaugural sports event. The theme of it is directed at building Eldoret city.  Adding on to this was the recent East African Classic Rally flag-off ceremony at Rupa’s mall. Sports enthusiasts would agree with me that it has indeed been a great year.

So, what does this mean for 2023? How do we do more with less? How can these events make big impacts? and what lessons can Eldoret residents learn from Governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim’s Administration? Even as we look ahead, knowing where we’ve come from should act as our guide to move further.

Happy new year 2023! Looking forward to what the year has in store for us.

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